Milwaukee Brewers: In the News (Jan. 7)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Brewers News

- Rumors are buzzing today about Trevor Hoffman and the Brewers. The last time they signed an aging closer, it didn’t work out well. However, Hoffman is a completley different kind of pitcher so it could work (but the fact that he closed in PETCO for the most part doesn’t help his argument either).

- As of late Thursday Night, 68 percent of JSOnline voters believe that Trevor Hoffman is the answer at closer for the Brewers.

- Bernie’s Crew invited the six families…er Blogs…together for a Six-Pack Roundtable. Some main talking points: Bernie’s Crew doesn’t think much is going to happen so McClung or Villa should vie for the closers role and Oliver Perez might be this year's Kyle Lohse.

Brew Crew Ball wants a back up infielder and thinks the Brewers should look at Chuck James, Odalis Perez, or Rodrigo Lopez as their fifth starter. Brew Town Beat thinks Melvin will pull a Thompson and do nothing, but maybe hit up some “under the rader” type guys.

The Bucky Channel wants a lot of things including bringing back Durham, Sheets, and Shouse. Chuckie Hacks is more simplistic in their wants; they want bullpen help and a back up infielder. Finally, already know what we want (Sheets, Looper, Lyons, and Dunn).

- Speaking of Packs, the Brewers' nine pack will go on sale Friday and will include opening day tickets.

- Brew Crew Ball talks (almost) worst case scenario for Sheets->He would go to the Yankees and we would get a FOURTH-ROUND PICK ONLY for his departure. With Andy Pettitte turning down the Yankees, it’s possible…

- It’s rumored that three teams are interested in Kapler and that the Brewers are none of them. I think most of Milwaukee has a man-crush on Gabe and is saddened by this news.

- Here’s a look at what the 2009 draft would be if it were to take place today. The Brewers would have numbers 27, 37, and 66.

- I’m pretty sure this is insider, but Olney has 10 things for fans to keep an eye on. Just in case it is insider only here’s a couple nuggets: Olney is interested in seeing how much Howard and Prince will get.

He also thinks that whoever loses out on Manny will be after Dunn and Abreu and the Brewers should get in the bidding for Garland.

Minor Leagues

- Bernie’s Crew talks about  aptly named Brent Brewer.

- Good News: Pitcher Zach Braddock should be OK after his procedure and won’t need Tommy John on top of it after all.

- Can you sing? Greer Stadium in Nashville is looking for National Anthem Singers. I would sign up Johnny’s hip hop alter ego.

NL Central

- Jason Marquis officially got sent to the Rockies. Hendry said that he felt Gaudin and Samardzija will be quality starters and that this move wasn’t a payroll cutback. Mmhmm.

- The Cubs new owner should be made official soon. Really. It’s coming this time. Isn’t it?

- This was supposed to be funny, but I could actually see someone making and selling these:

- The Reds signed Jerry Hairston Jr. A glorified backup.


Other News

- Beyond the Box Score wonders what’s going on with Chad Cordero? That’s a name that I wouldn’t mind seeing if the Brewers can’t land anyone else in the bullpen by Spring Training.

- Quick Hitters: JC Romero was caught performance enhancing, Carl Pavano is going to the Tribe (underrated pick up), Giambi is going back to the A’s, and the Nationals keep lowering their standards but no one is drunk enough to go home with them.