Has The Big 12 South Been Overrated?

Jordan TippittCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Throughout this football season it seems that every Saturday night there was a big time Big 12 game and most of these games took place in the Big 12 South.  This division looked super strong with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech. 

Now let's fast forward to the present day after the bowl season.  All four leaders in that division got two bids that were toss ups but two of the Big 12 South had games they should have won handily (Texas and Texas Tech were the two with the easier games). 

The bowl season started for the Big 12 South with Oklahoma State.  They played a pretty good team in the Oregon Ducks. In fact, i believe that the ducks will challenge USC for the PAC 10 title next year.  The problem is that they are from the weak old PAC 10 and should have been handled by the Oklahoma State Cowboys but it wasn't.  If this was the only loss for the Big 12 South then it could still be considered the best but that wasn't the worst of it.

The next game up for the Big 12 was the Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. the Ole Miss Rebels.  Any rebel fan would have told you that they could win this game but this was a game that the Big 12 HAD to win to prove it being the best conference.  The game could not have started off any better for the Red Raiders being up 14 to 0. 

Then everything went downhill for Tech.  In the third quarter one of the top offenses in the nation did not get a single point and were run over by one of the 50 running backs that Ole Miss has.  They lost by 13 but the game was much more one sided than the score indicated.  The last score by Tech was a meaningless one scored at the end of the game after it was already decided.  This was a very embarrassing loss for the Big 12. 

The third game for the Big 12 was the Texas Longhorns vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The Buckeyes have spent the last two January's being manhandled by the SEC and everyone expected Texas to do the same this year but the didn't.

Instead the Texas Longhorns were not allowed a touchdown in the first half and had to score a last second touchdown to win the game.  This was against a team whose conference is 1-5 in bowl games this season and the team that beat Ohio State was whipped in the Rose Bowl.

So why did that division look so good?  It's obvious, its because they only played each other in those matches.  They never played against a good defense and now they are paying the price. 

The Big 12 South has one more chance to prove that it is even a great division.  It is Thursday night against the Florida Gators.  The question of this game is "are the Sooners really who we thought they were?"  If those teams they beat were beaten by middle teams from other conferences then their wins no longer look that great. 

My prediction for the National Championship is Florida over Oklahoma but I do believe that Oklahoma has a chance.  I believe that together Florida and Ole Miss will prove that the SEC is still the best conference in the county.