The Running Men: Who Will Be "The Man" in Denver?

Jennifer KingContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

This past season has seen its share of injuries, but none more so than a Denver Bronco running back. Denver has seen six injuries on their running game. This begs the question: Who will be the go to guy next year?

I will offer my thoughts and opinions on the subject.

First, I will say this: Even though Denver has gone through running backs like underwear, all of them could be a dynamic force on the field if given the right time of play and conditions.

I see Denver coming away from cycling through backs and finding the next Terrell Davis or something close. I would like to first list some of the key backs and make my picks as to whom I think should be given starting position.


Selvin Young

He’s a good guy to go to on 3rd-and-1, but I just don’t see his numbers stacking up too high. I see him possibly staying on the roster as a backup. In the past, he has played the role of return specialist as well and I think it is a good fit for him.

Verdict : backup position

Michael Pittman

This past year was Pittman’s first with the Broncos. He was sidelined with an injury to his neck. Pittman has made just four TD’s for the Broncos. He can be a power back if kept healthy, I just don’t see him starting though. I see him staying at fullback.

Verdict : Fullback


Ryan Torain

I really cannot form an opinion on Ryan Torain at this time. He was placed on IR the day he started with a torn left ACL. He did prove he could be something special with a total of 68 rushing yards, 12 carries and a touchdown. I say let’s see what this guy really has before we pass judgment.

Verdict : Reserving judgment


Peyton Hillis

Peyton Hillis, for a time was Denver’s long runner until he sustained a torn hamstring. This had many Broncos fans depressed including myself. I really see Terrell Davis potential in Hillis, not taking away from our phenomenal TD.

He is big, an uphill runner and he keeps his feet moving. I remember watching a game this season where he piggy backed three or four players before he went down. Hillis is my definite pick for starting running back.

Verdict : Starting RB

Andre Hall

I really like Andre Hall as a kickoff and punt return specialist. It is an area the Broncos need some help in and Hall can provide it with two returns for 50 yards and a few tackles here and there this season.

He could be a running back if called on but I would say put him in special teams, he can be a force for that part of the team when there really is none.

Verdict : Special Teams

P.J. Pope

P.J. Pope is always the practice-squad guy. He has been on being signed on to Chicago’s and Denver’s practice squads. This poor guy can catch much of a break. He has only had one career touchdown. I liked him, but only as a short runner. I see him as a backup.

Verdict : Backup to a backup

Tatum Bell

Bell has definitely gotten a second chance which is lucky for him but he may just struggle to find a spot on the team. He would be a good running back if it weren’t for his soft hands. His main problem is those fumbles; he needs to work on that in the off season if he wants to remain out of the mall in Aurora.

Verdict : Backup to a backup, unless he gets his hands in check


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