WWE Needs to Stay Away from the CM Punk/Chris Brown 'Feud'

Mike SalvatoreCorrespondent IIIFebruary 22, 2012

Just say no, WWE
Just say no, WWE

Vince McMahon loves mainstream exposure.

Loves it.

Anytime the WWE is in the news, McMahon makes sure to over-saturate his product with all of the press and news—and who can blame him? The best kind of publicity is free.

However, the WWE needs to take a step back regarding CM Punk and R&B star Chris Brown’s recent Twitter feud.

In case you are a little out of the loop, Punk sent out a tweet over the weekend more or less stating his desire to get his hands on Brown in the middle of the ring and teach him a lesson about respect.

Brown offered his own insightful retort when he accused the Straight Edge Superstar of taking steroids and his need to have more Twitter followers.

Last night during the live telecast of SmackDown, Michael Cole went out of his way to acknowledge the feud on the air, as well as mention that one of Brown’s remarks was the No. 1 trend on Twitter. Additionally, the WWE’s website even had a feature story about the war of words that included Punk’s scathing Twitter video, which started a national stir.

I know the TMZ exposure and Twitter trends are hard to ignore, but the WWE really needs to stop advertising this already uncomfortable feud. If this is building toward a Chris Brown appearance at WrestleMania (which I hope is not the case), then the WWE really needs to take a step back and assess how they build storylines with celebrities.

Chris Brown has a ton of baggage as it relates to his relationship and treatment of former girlfriend, Rihanna. Unfortunately, the story does not have a happy ending, as Brown physically accosted Rihanna a few years back on the way to the Grammys.

After spending the subsequent years “rehabbing” his image, Brown was finally able to show his face at the Grammys for the first time since the incident and even won an award for Best R&B Album. Brown was chastised for being allowed to perform twice during the show and appearing to be disingenuous and ungrateful about winning his award.

I find it highly unlikely that the WWE would approach Brown about performing or participating at WrestleMania by having Punk question his character in a public forum.

It does Brown no favors to be painted into a corner, and it would make the WWE look foolish for approaching a celebrity with such a checkered past (especially in the PG-friendly environment).

It has been said that controversy creates cash. However, the line needs to be drawn at some point.

Chris Brown has some very real anger and maturity issues, and while I’m sure he regrets that fateful night three years ago, he has certainly not endeared himself to the public.

Punk is doing no favors by goading Brown into this verbal sparring session, but the WWE has no say into what Punk does or says in his personal life. The best thing the WWE could do is to completely ignore this story before it becomes a larger issue.

Let Punk handle his business, and like most of these “feuds,” it will blow over in time.

Vince McMahon needs to avoid the temptation of the mainstream media, because there is no way the company comes out of this looking good.