BCS—Basketball Collegiate Showdown

Chris ScheiCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

I read with great interest BCS for College Hoops by Steve Auger and suggest that you read it. It was a great article that left out one major factor of college basketball.

I have an idea for college basketball—do away with the NCAA Tournament.

I realize that it is one of sports' best events, but it doesn't matter. Here is what matters: finding the best two teams in the country and have them play one game for the Championship.

How do we decide the two teams?

It's easy. We just use the RPI (Ratings Percentage Index). The RPI is a system that takes into account strength of schedule, teams beaten, and record (sound familiar?).

Now, I understand that they currently only use the RPI as a barometer for who gets into the NCAA tournament for bubble teams. For those teams, sometimes the RPI is the deciding factor.

But they need to use the RPI differently.

At the end of the season, when all of the conference tournaments are all done, we won't sit down and watch what some consider (like me) a national Holiday we have come to know as Selection Sunday.

On Selection Sunday, we find out who is in the tournament and who is not. Right after the show, we start filling out our brackets, making our predictions for the tournament. The day after, we go on ESPN.com or CBSsportsline.com and fill out brackets trying to win one million dollars for getting every single game correct.

But all of that is boring. It really is.

So instead of Selection Sunday, we will watch with great enjoyment the unveiling of the last RPI rankings.

The top two teams in the RPI rankings will play for the National Championship. The next 30 teams will play in exhibition games, with both schools receiving money from television revenues from the game they played in.

As for the National Title hopes of all the other teams other than the top two? Better luck next year. After all, if a team is 28-1 but that one loss was in their conference tournament championship, sorry. Better luck next year.

Now, THAT sounds like a great way to decide a National Champion for college basketball, doesn't it?

Look, right now, college basketball's regular season is boring. It's just a bunch of friendly exhibition games, that's all. This way, the entire season is one long playoff.

And, finally, the most important point of all. At the end of the year, when it is so blatantly obvious that several teams could win the National Championship but only two get their fair shot, the media and fans will talk about it constantly.

There will be so much controversy that college basketball will be talked about all the time.

After all, this is all about marketing. It's about being in the news as much as possible.

This is going to be great, isn't it? We have what we feel is a legitimate way to crown a National Champion, and we can make tons of money in the process.

It all makes sense!