Yanks Make It Official, Sign Tex As Boras Smiles

Ed DuffyContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

Call me a cynic but...

Mark Teixeira wanted to play with the Yankees all along. Whoa, stop the presses. You mean to tell me he didn’t want to sign with one of the ole hometown teams?

You know, like the conquering hero returns to lead the poor Nationals or Orioles to the Promised Land.

Well maybe if THEY had signed Sabathia, Burnett, Manny, and Abreu, and actually had a pitching staff it would have had a bit more lull.

But, they didn’t and they don’t.

And of course once we heard that he was actually wearing a Yankee cap to the ballpark in Baltimore as a kid it all began to make more sense.

In addition as he said in the press conference Maryland is really just a hop skip and a jump to Yankee stadium so that his family can come see him play. I guess they don’t have planes that leave Baltimore and fly to California or Boston?

This can’t actually mean that he used all those other teams to up the bidding, can it?

No, good old Scott Boras wouldn’t do that, would he?

And how about Mr. Boras’ other big client?

You know, the one that was finishing up, (well, almost finished up) his eight year mega deal and was traded?

He then proceeded to go on a tear to match any all time tear yet can’t seem to find anybody to pay him. That guy, Man-Ram.

Seems the Dodgers are the only team interested and yet they have already taken their two-year offer off the table?

Yep, the Rangers were said to have interest just the other day but have said no can do. Same for the Dodgers rival, the Giants. Ditto with the Angels. The Nats? Nope.

Maybe it’s just me but do ya think the fact that Mr. Happy might not be so happy no matter where he goes if he doesn’t get that four-year $100 million he believes he so rightly deserves?

He wouldn’t actually quit on his team would he? No, those silly Boston Red Sox made that all up.

On another note, the Cubs have signed Milton Bradley to a reported three-year $30 million deal. I guess Lou Piniella needed some one in that dugout to match his intensity.

Bradley had a great year last year with the Rangers, but it’s kinda hard to see Uncle Milty as a full time outfielder. He is only 31 yet has only played more than 94 games in the outfield once in his entire career and that was in 2004 with the Dodgers.

Pat Burrell has found a new home with the Rays.  It is a bit of a surprise to see the Rays spend some money in the free agent market. The deal is reportedly two-years at $8 million per year which seems like a reasonable deal for a guy that slugs over .500 each year.

Burrell can be expected to have a bit of a hard time adjusting to both the DH position as well as the pitchers in a new league. He hit only .215 after the all-star break and thus the Phils thought Raul Ibanez would be a better fit.

And how bout those Cleveland Indians giving No Show Pavano a free agent deal?  Carl took most of the three years of his Yankee contract off, pitching in only 145 innings in total during those three years.

But hey, everybody needs pitching. Still out there among free agent pitchers are Derek Lowe (who turned down a reported 3 years and $36 million from the Mets), Livan Hernandez, Pedro Martinez, Randy Wolf, Andy Pettitte, Oliver Perez, and John Smoltz.

Mr. Lowe believes he should get a five year deal. Maybe he is getting his advice from Manny.

Pettitte is upset with and has turned down the Yankees offer of one year at $10 million which is $6 million less than he made last year with the Yanks when he led the team in innings pitched.

Jeez, what’s another $6 million when you have already dropped $423 million?

On a final note Jason Varitek is till waiting for the Red Sox or somebody else to give him the four-year $40 million dollar deal Mr. Boras says he deserves.

And after all, Mr. Boras knows the market better than anyone. Just ask him


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