NHL SuperSkills Competition Events

Dan London@danlondonCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

The NHL announced some changes to the SuperSkills competition today. The events are being tweaked and one is even being decided via a text message vote.

The full rundown of the changes can be found on the NHL.com SuperSkills page.

The fastest skater competition remains unchanged and is still one of my favorite events to watch. The horribly titled Scotiabank NHL Fan Fav Breakaway Challenge is the next event, and I’ll let the NHL explain exactly what it is:

With full access to the entire offensive zone, each shooter gets one minute to complete as many attempts as possible at a routine that ends with a shot on goal. Once all six skaters have performed, fans will vote by mobile text message to determine the winner.

The Young Stars game follows that event and features three-on-three hockey. The game pits sophomores against rookies, with no rules or whistles. The accuracy competition is up next and is then followed by the breakaway relay.

Aside from the NHL version of the slam dunk contest, I’m excited. The skills competition has always been a better draw for me than the actual game.