Giants-Eagles: Five Ways the Giants Can Clip the Eagle's Wings on Sunday

Kyle WattContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

Last Sunday, NFL fans had a chance to watch one of the more intriguing matchups in the wild-card weekend, when the Philadelphia Eagles played the Minnesota Vikings.

Although the (10-6) Vikings entered the game with a better record, it was the (9-6-1) Eagles who were favored heavily. The Eagles came out on top and won a game that they were supposed to win.

Now, Philadelphia travels to East Rutherford, NJ, to play the defending Champions, the New York Giants.

There's no doubt that Philly enters this Sunday's game as arguably the hottest team in the NFL. They're have even been some comparisons to last years New York Giants Super Bowl team, who also entered the postseason on a roll. Perhaps people are over looking the No. 1 seed Giants too quickly, and maybe that's just how they like it.

Each team has won in Each others fields, but I wouldn't give that too much thought. This game won't be a blow-out either, get ready for another hard hitting NFC East game. The Giants can come out on top if they are able to do these five steps.


5. Win the Field-Position Battle

DeSean Jackson vs. The Giants' Special Teams. Jackson is the kind of return man that can change the outlook of a game very quickly. If New York can wrap him up on kickoff returns, than that's huge. I'm not nearly as concerned with punt returns; Jeff Feagles, a Pro Bowl kicker, has made a career at downing balls under the 20-yard line.


4. Force Turnovers

This is one of the few things the Giants have struggled with this year. The secondary hasn't been able to get a grip on any of the balls that have hit them in the numbers. Again, if the D-line can hurry McNabb into some bad throws, than maybe this trend can go away.


3. Pressure McNabb

What the Giants can't do is give Donovan time in the pocket, especially with the way that he's is throwing the ball now. He would tear apart the Giant's secondary. With the extra week of rest though, I expect Justin Tuck and the rest of the D-line to be able to apply pressure early and often.


2. Contain Brian Westbrook

Brian Westbrook is an extremely dangerous player; he is very hard to contain on the field, and for as dangerous a running back he is, he's that much better behind a group of blockers in screen. Expect the Giants to possibly add another safety and drop a linebacker to help Antonio Peirce bottle up Westbrook.


1. "Get Pissed off"

Antonio Peirce said himself that the Giants need to get pissed off; they need that chip on their shoulder again. And you know what? They're going to get it back with all this talk of the Eagles being this year's version of the 2008 New York Giants.