WWE: Will Evan Bourne Ever Get Another Push After Failing 2 Drug Tests in a Row?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIFebruary 22, 2012

Evan Bourne has wings. Image courtesy of flickriver.com
Evan Bourne has wings. Image courtesy of flickriver.com

It is no secret by now that the WWE takes its Wellness Policy very seriously and should a Superstar, Diva or member of the staff fail a test, there will be repercussions immediately.

Evan Bourne is a man of incredible, high-flying talent. Despite his shorter stature (compared to other wrestlers) his big heart and intensity has captured the hearts of millions around the world. With his patented "Shooting Star Press" he never fails to hit his mark and get everyone's attention.

Unfortunately for him, he has his own little demons to worry about and recently failed his Policy test twice in the span of a month. This prompted the company to remove him from television and thus, his team, "Air Boom," lost the tag team championship. It seems his partner, Kofi Kingston, also paid for that failure.

The first offense can be interpreted as a slap on the wrist but a second one? And so quickly...that does not bode well for Evan Bourne, fan favorite or not.

A few questions arise now...will he ever get another chance? If he doesn't, what happens to him now?

It all depends on how merciful the WWE is on the inside. There is proof of their willingness to help out talents with a history of problems.

Take Jeff Hardy and Scott Hall as examples. One is struggling yet still alive and slowly getting there while the other carries on and eventually won three World championships in 2009. That is a good sign. 

However, the official word is Evan first got suspended because of his use of a synthetic substitute to marijuana known as "spice" while the second may not be about that at all. Read here and there.


Does he want to be released to pursue other things? Even if that were the case, getting fired with no references is never good to write down on your career resume. He shouldn't give up so quickly since there are so many out there just waiting for him to come back and blow our minds away as always.

In his defense, it is understandable for a Superstar working 320-plus days a year to find some ways to unwind and calm his mind. If a product can help him while being legal everywhere EXCEPT WWE, then maybe it is time to revise the list of banned substances on the Wellness Policy.

During his time away, here's hoping the up-and-coming star comes to terms with his problem and gets a grip on reality. He is living a dream here and even if WWE does give you a second or third chance, it doesn't mean you will get a fourth.

According to the company's website, Bourne got suspended for 60 days on January 17th so that would allow him to return mid-March, right on time for WrestleMania XXVIII. The problem now is the fact that Kofi Kingston may have replaced him with R-Truth.

Air Boom may not officially be a dead entity but this casts a huge shadow on Evan Bourne.

A whole other chapter may have just opened. One that should be addressed come early spring.