Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin: Can They Co-Exist on the New York Knicks?

Joshua MoeschlCorrespondent IIIFebruary 21, 2012

Melo returns for New York
Melo returns for New YorkChris Trotman/Getty Images

A month ago, even Carmelo Anthony might have said, "Jeremy who?" Now Linsanity has taken the world by storm and everyone has heard of Jeremy Lin.  When a young, talented, no-name player makes a splash on a roster that is as star-laden as the Knicks, the instant question is simple: How will the high-profile superstars react?

For me, this is a silly question. To suggest Carmelo Anthony would have a problem with another player on his team having success is insane. Carmelo is in the NBA. He is in the business of winning. If Jeremy Lin running the point for New York is going to take the team over the hump, Carmelo will be Lin's biggest fan. 

The basis for this whole idea is that Lin will take the ball out of Anthony's hands, and that Melo will have a problem with that. That idea gives Anthony very little credit. Let us not forget, Anthony has been a basketball icon since he was a kid. He attended the most prestigious high school basketball program in the entire country, and led his Syracuse team, as a true freshman, to a National Title. 

Carmelo's basketball star status is not going to fade. At this point in his career, Carmelo is seeking his first NBA Championship, and nothing else.

Jeremy Lin is going to continue to get his numbers, but his turnover problems are a big issue. We are all caught up with the great stats, but the fact is that Lin turns the ball over entirely too much for an NBA point guard. If he can limit his giveaways, he will be a solid player for the long haul, and I think with his growing experience, he will curb that negative stat.



Anthony and Lin can be as good together as they collectively want to be. Michael and Scottie. Shaq and Kobe. Duncan and Robinson. These duos had the same questions raised when they were playing. When two great players decide they want to win above all else, the rest is easy, as history has shown.

Okay, easy might be an overstatement, but the point is that Lin and Anthony can be great. Throw in the uptempo offense Lin is running right now for Coach D'Antoni, the fact that there's another guy in New York named Amar'e, and there are eight million some Knicks fans rooting for these guys, and the opportunity is there to win now. 

What Anthony really needs to worry about, now that he is back in the lineup, is wins and losses. Lin without Anthony was working. If the Knicks hit another bad stretch and start losing again, Carmelo will be the one fans will blame, not Lin.