WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: Beth Phoenix Bides Time to Kharma's Return

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2012

Beth Phoenix illustrated her dominance over the Divas division once again at Elimination Chamber by defeating Tamina Snuka. If the Divas are ever going to be built into something more than a way to waste time, Kharma needs to return to feud with Phoenix.

With her win on Sunday night Phoenix's title reign is closing in on five months. Most of that time has been spent picking up easy victories in order to make her look unstoppable until Kharma is ready for a full-time return after making her re-debut at Royal Rumble last month.

The fact of the matter is Divas haven't been given a fair shake in a long time. Snooki picked up more wins last year than most of the Divas roster, which shows you how much the company cares about pushing their female talents.

It's actually unfortunate because most of them work really hard to keep their positions, but never get a chance to showcase their ability. When they do get that rare opportunity to be on RAW or SmackDown, the matches usually last about two minutes.

If any two superstars are going to turn that tide around, it's Phoenix and Kharma. A storyline between the two dominant figures might convince Vince McMahon to give the Divas more time.

Kharma had a terrific debut sequence when she first arrived to the company, which gave fans hope changes were on the horizon. She proceeded to get pregnant, however, which is obviously terrific for her family, but it meant the wait for a meaningful Divas feud would continue.

Her appearance in the Rumble match last month should mean her return to weekly television is approaching. I was expecting it to occur last night on RAW, but the show was too packed. The creative team is probably waiting for a show with more time to bring her back.

Once Kharma is back full-time, they should give her a couple of squash matches to get her reputation of a powerhouse built back up then thrust her straight into a feud with Phoenix.

Phoenix and Kharma are truly the only hope the Divas division has of becoming relevant again. Since both will be considered unbeatable, there will be terrific tension heading into a potential WrestleMania encounter, and their in-ring work will surprise some people, maybe even McMahon himself.

The WWE Universe understands there isn't enough television time to fully develop every member of the Divas division, but giving it more respect as a whole would make the entire product better.

Hopefully, Phoenix and Kharma are the pair to make it happen.