Big 12 Report Card... 5 F's, 2 C-minus's, 4 B's, and an Incomplete

Joe BuckeyeCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Five Big 12 teams finished the season with seven or more losses...sorry boys, they all flunk.

After a long season of hype, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State couldn't cut it against bowl competition, so two D's there.

Despite four-loss seasons, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri won their bowls and get B's for their efforts. Texas (who was screaming for a shot at the BCS championship) barely squeaked by a rebuilding Ohio State team, so they drop from an A to a B.

Further indication of the Big 12's fall from perceived glory is the poor showing of their so-called "high powered" offenses. The Big 12's big five (Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma) have yet to live up to their billing.

Texas, Ok St, Mizzou, and Texas Tech have averaged a pedestrian 29.75 points against their bowl opponents...This puts the Big 12 powers closer to the middle-of-the-pack than the top-of-the-heap in NCAA scoring stats.

Bowl games don't matter? Right. Bowl games have been around since 1902. If a college team can't figure out how to prepare for a celebrated season-ending contest, then perhaps they're playing the wrong sport. That's a loser's excuse.

The credibility of the Big 12 (and a slew of media pundits) will be at stake on Thursday night. Personally, I think Florida's D will win the battle against Bradford and his boys. The Gators will also win the kicking game.

Many "if's" remain in Florida's O...Will Harvin really be 90 percent or more? How about Rainey's injury? Can Tebow get the ball to Demps in the open? Will Deonte Thompson finally get his shot?

All in all, the Gator O will be up to the task of supplying adequate output to handle the Sooners. If all the stars align for the Gator O, we could see a blowout for the Gators over Oklahoma. The Gators will get a W...By what margin is the only question.

I've penciled in a B+ for Oklahoma's '08 grade...I'm fairly certain that will be their final grade. Another Big 12 bowl loss (particularly by one of the big five teams) will mercifully put an end to the Big 12 "best conference" least until the "pundits" try to roll it out again next season.