WWE Breaking News: Wade Barrett Suffers Injury During Raw

Nathan GieseSenior Analyst IIFebruary 21, 2012

photo courtesy: wwe.com
photo courtesy: wwe.com

For anybody who was watching the battle royal main event on Raw tonight, you might have noticed that Big Show throwing Dolph Ziggler to the outside of the ring onto Wade Barrett and R-Truth went a little a-rye. 

Ziggler was overshot and possibly hit his head and/or arm on the announce table, making for an awkward looking landing. This isn't very good news for the Show Off, seeing as how much damage he and the rest of the participants in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match sustained.

Aside from Ziggler, who, although looked as if he was the one taking the big hit on the table, it was Barrett who was the one screaming out in agony from the incident.  

Barrett, who entered the battle royal with with his arm heavily wrapped, has apparently sustained an injury.  

In an official Tweet from @TheWWEInsider:

BREAKING NEWS:  suffered an injury to his left arm during

tonight's Battle Royal and was rushed to a nearby medical facility.

Now, if this injury is legitimate, as it appeared to be during the match, this is a huge blow for the WWE in its most important time of the year.  

While Barrett may not be involved with the World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania, he is one of the biggest players on SmackDown for the past few months, entering into a long, extended feud with Randy Orton and constantly threatening to be involved in the world title scene.  

As of right now, it is unclear the extent of the injury. If it is, in fact, a broken arm like Michael Cole mentioned during the broadcast, this could change the landscape of how WWE handles their booking for WrestleMania.  

A link to an official WWE article regarding the injury can be found here.