10 Flyest National Team Kits in World Football

Aila StumpoCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2012

10 Flyest National Team Kits in World Football

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    Every time you flip the TV to a game, the first thing you have to know is who is playing. How can you tell when it says "teams to be announced" and that little bar isn't showing up? The kit.

    The kit is one of the most visual things that personifies a team and makes it recognizable. This rings most true in terms of national team kits. They represent a team, a country and its people.

    So it's not far-fetched to say that the look of kit is pretty important. Remember when England released their new kit? People said it looked like France's then they said the goalkeeper shirt was terrible. This is only an example of the discussion created by kits.

    Not that fashion is the most important thing in football (it's not), but here is a look at 10 of the "flyest" kits this year in no particular order.

    Remember, this is subjective, so leave an opinion and tell us your favourite national team kits.


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    Never mind flyest kit, flyest commercial! Am I the only one who thinks that's the best commercial of 2011?

    Very classy kit (and commercial). Shows off France through the colours (and, of course, the crest). Blue shirt, white shorts, red socks, sounds a little like le tricolor, no?

    Here is the newest design for the Euro 2012 France.

Cameroon: Home

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    I think Samuel Eto'o and I are on the same boat here. How awesome is that lion that takes up the whole front of this jersey?

    Lions inhabit northern and north-central parts of the African country, so why not put a giant lion face on this kit?

    Puma did a pretty cool job on this one, doing something not on many national kits.

Sweden: Away

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    Work it, Zlatan.

    This is a rather popular one that many people seem to like. Not without good reason. Very sleek and lets a viewer know who it is at first glance. It's definitely an umbro-type shirt and not because it has an umbro-symbol on it. Simple, yet very nice.

Northern Ireland: Away

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    A generally nice looking kit that shows off Northern Ireland well. Especially for an away kit. Not much more to say, all 11 of our models give us a pretty good view of it.

Brazil: Away

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    Neymar shows off Brazil's new away kit in this photo, pretending to play football and looking off in the distance.

    It's a good look for Brazil when they head off on the road. Imagine how awesome they would be if their sides actually glowed.

Netherlands: Away

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    Don't get me wrong, I understand the meaning and symbolism of the colour orange for the Dutch. But sometimes, it gets a little much...which is why this away kit for the Netherlands is a breath of fresh air.

    It doesn't completely get rid of the orange, thus holding onto the symbolism, which is a good thing. The previous away kit had little to no orange, but the sleek stripe on this one adds to it.

Germany: Home

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    Fierce Lahm.

    German sports apparel company did their country well with this one. It says Germany all over it, from the strips in the colour of the flag to the overall design.

    Philip Lahm says more than I could write, one look at this picture and you'll know this is a great kit.

Poland: Home

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    What a neat look for Poland. Shows off the flag, lets you know who's playing. The addition of the Polish Eagle is a nice touch.

    It more or less speaks for itself, an awesome kit for the Euro in their homeland.

Russia: Home

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    Much more calm than Russia's previous jersey, which was maroon with a cultural design on the front. Not to say that one was bad, but one of the beauties of this kit is how the blue and white stripe sticks out and reminds you who's playing.

    A nice look from Adidas, who have only made one other appearance on this list.

Portugal: Away

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    Another popular one among fans.

    This one reminds me a bit of the Dutch kit. I know they seem like opposites, but both have elements of their home kits and national colours but with a solid background. Portugal's colours are green and red and that can be seen on the white, while the Netherlands has an orange national colour and it is in a little patch on black.

    It seems that this may just be the type of jersey you would want to wear even if you weren't Portuguese!


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    What do you think are the 10 best kits in national football?

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