The NBA Should Revamp the All-Star Game

Justin MorganCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

The NBA is a business, and like all businesses it wants to make money. This is the reason the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL—heck, even NASCAR—have All-Star events. They say they are for the fans, and I do agree to an extent, but the main reason is revenue.

However, I feel that the NBA needs to revamp its All-Star Game and take a page out of the MLB book. Major League Baseball requires that there be one player from every team represented in the All-Star Game. Is this the reason that the MLB All-Star Game is the most popular out of the five listed above? Maybe, maybe not!

I know MLB rosters are bigger so they can do this without leaving out anyone who deserves to be in the game. But I think there would be more of an interest if every team were represented. Fans of teams that had no player represented might be more inclined to watch if they could see one of their guys.

And it's no secret that the NBA likes to showcase its prized teams, just another business tactic, but why not try to gain more of an interest in these other teams? Give them a better opportunity for some revenue.

I understand that the annual Pittsburgh Pirate that gets to the MLB All-Star Game doesn't bring much to that organization because he was a bench player for the game. This is an advantage for the NBA, though, for having a smaller roster. A better chance for each player to make his mark on the game.

Let's say Danny Granger was selected from the Pacers, as he should be; he is a solid player that not too many casual fans know about outside of Indiana. If he was in the All-Star Game and played well, people would know about him.

I believe Granger is deserving of an All-Star selection but probably won't get it because he plays in Indiana. This is wrong! I know the NBA sees no money in selecting him, but I disagree. I really believe this would bring more fans to watch the game. Plus, people that don't really watch the NBA games because their teams stink might have a new reason to watch.

Well, enough trying to sell my idea, let me show you how I think it should play out:


ATL- Joe Johnson, G

BOS- Kevin Garnett, F

CHA- Emeka Okafor, F/C

CHI- Derrick Rose, G

CLE- LeBron James, F

IND- Danny Granger, F

MIA- Dwyane Wade, G

ORL- Dwight Howard, C

PHI- Andre Iguodola, G

DET- Allen Iverson, G

MIL- Michael Redd, G

NJN- Devin Harris, G

NYK- Al Harrington, F

TOR- Chris Bosh, F/C

WAS- Antawn Jamison, F


DAL- Dirk Nowitzki, F

DEN- Carmelo Anthony, F

GSW- Stephen Jackson, G

HOU- Yao Ming, C

LAC- Zach Randolph, F

LAL- Kobe Bryant, G

MEM- O.J. Mayo, G

MIN- Al Jefferson, F

NOR- Chris Paul, G

OKC- Kevin Durant, G

PHO- Amare Stoudemire, F/C

POR- Brandon Roy, G

SAC- John Salmons, F

SAS- Tim Duncan, F/C

UTA- Deron Williams, G

As you can see, these teams are pretty balanced as far as positions go. There aren't many good centers in the league. And all of the players put up quality numbers. Don't look too much into the players I have selected; it is more about the idea.

Most people are going to say that this idea leaves out a lot of deserving players, and that's true, but the NBA says the All-Star Game is about the fans. Well, let's get all of the fans involved. Of the fans that would oppose this idea, I don't think too many would not watch because of it.

Bottom line is I think this would bring more fans to watch the All-Star game and be more interested in the NBA as a whole. With more fans comes more money. It would also bring more money to these "lower class" teams.


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