WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: What's Next for Tamina After Loss to Beth

Katie GregersonCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: What's Next for Tamina After Loss to Beth

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    This past Sunday at the Elimination Chamber PPV, Divas champion Beth Pheonix squared off against second-generation wrestler Tamina Snuka.

    The title match was a breath of fresh air for many fans of women's wrestling. Beth finally got a challenger outside of Kelly Kelly and Eve, both participants performed skillfully inside the ring and it lasted a lot longer than the measly 30 seconds usually allotted to Divas bouts.

    However, the following night on Raw, WWE was back to its old tricks. Other than Eve's surprising heel turn, the only showing from the divas was a pathetic blink-and-you-miss-it tag match pitting Kelly Kelly and Aksana against the Bella Twins.

    The Divas champion and her opponent from the night before were nowhere to be seen.

    With WrestleMania XXVIII just over a month away, it seems that Tamina was just a pit stop on the road to the inevitable Phoenix-Kharma showdown. However, that does not mean that Tamina doesn't have options on where to go from here.

    Here are four possible directions Tamina could go after her loss to Beth Phoenix.

Triple-Threat Match for the Divas Title at WrestleMania XXVIII

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    After their match on Sunday, many fans probably think Tamina was just a pit stop on Beth Phoenix's road to her inevitable showdown with Kharma. Indeed, Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix seems bound to happen at WrestleMania XXVIII.

    But why not throw Tamina into the mix?

    Think about it: Tamina worked to receive her title match against the Glamazon by defeating buddy Natalya at every turn. It seems logical, then, that she would take offense to Kharma being blatantly handed a title shot after nearly a year of absence. A few complaints to Teddy Long and some qualifying matches later, and Beth vs. Kharma becomes Beth vs. Kharma vs. Tamina.

    This probably is not all that likely to happen, but with WWE, you never really know.

Form a Tag Team with Kharma

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    Personally, I think this would be a great direction to take not just Tamina, but the entire Divas division as a whole.

    It seems more than likely that once Kharma returns full-time, she will set her sights on Beth Phoenix and the Divas championship. When she does, there's a good chance that Natalya will come to the aid of her BFF, and as domineering as Kharma is, she might not be able to overcome the dirty tactics of the Divas of Doom.

    At least not until Tamina, Beth's last opponent, comes to her aid.

    If Tamina were to align herself alongside Kharma against Beth and Natalya, I can see it going one of two ways.

    First, Tamina could simply be in Kharma's corner for her title match at WrestleMania, there to make sure that Natalya doesn't lend her buddy a hand while the ref isn't looking.

    Second, Beth vs. Kharma could become a tag match, pitting Kharma and Tamina against the Divas of Doom.

    While the second option may seem like the least savory of the two, it would definitely open up the most storyline possibilities. After all, just because it's a tag team match doesn't mean it can't be a title match as well. Perhaps it could hold the stipulation that the Divas championship goes to whoever gets the pinfall. That would certainly cause tension between the teammates and create the possibility for a split between the Divas of Doom.

    Furthermore, it could pave the way to the ressurection of women's tag titles. The Divas are primarily used in tag matches, anyway—tag titles could very well serve the division far better than the single's title has.

Hire the Managerial Services of Vickie Guerrero

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    Prior to her push, Tamina and Vickie Guerrero were both campaigning on Twitter for Tamina to be added to Vickie's stable of superstars, and it's no wonder why.

    Vickie is possibly the biggest heat magnet in the entire WWE. We've all seen how she helped to elevate Dolph Ziggler from the lower mid-card to the main event. As a woman, shouldn't she do the same for a diva?

    Tamina has a lot of potential. She is the daughter of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and already has better in-ring skills than a lot of the Divas.

    That being said, she isn't exactly a spring chicken when it comes to age in the world of wrestling. At 34, she needs to catch a quick rise to the top—and perhaps no one could get her there quicker than Vickie Guerrero.

    Of course, in order for this to happen, it would be necessary for to Tamina to turn heel. As the top of the Divas division is already overcrowded with heels, a turn might not be the best move for her.

    However, it would help with the next possibility...

Feud with a Returning Layla

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    Layla has been absent from WWE programming since last May, when she was sidelined with a double ACL/MCL tear.

    However, she is expected to make her return very soon, possibly in time for 'Mania. And when she does return, she is going to need an opponent.

    Who better than Tamina under the guidance of Layla's former cohort, Vickie Guerrero?

    With Natalya relegated to the wholly distasteful and demeaning farting gimmick for the time being, it would not be all that difficult for Tamina to claim the spot as SmackDown's top diva, particularly if she were to have Vickie's assistance. Upon Layla's return, Vickie could easily throw this in her face and—voila—a feud is born.

    Of course, an angle could just as easily be started between Tamina and Layla if Layla were to return as a heel. However, Tamina could definitely benefit from an allegiance with Vickie, and Vickie and Layla coming to verbal blows certainly holds high entertainment potential. 

This Is Just the Beginning for Tamina Snuka

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    These are only a few possibilities of what are really numerous unforeseeable directions in which the WWE could take Tamina.

    However, whichever direction they do decide to take her in, I sincerely hope it is a role that keeps her inside the ring. Tamina harbors natural talent that would do well to be honed, and the Divas division would certainly benefit from another legitimate wrestler.

    Where would you like to see Tamina in the near future in the WWE? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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