WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results and 5 Biggest Surprises

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results and 5 Biggest Surprises

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    The Elimination Chamber didn't really shock fans with anything new, and instead, opted to keep layering the stories for WrestleMania as the event closes in.

    That isn't to say there weren't a few moments that didn't raise the eyebrows of those watching that left fans with something to talk about.

    From impressive showings to interesting announcements, there were a few twists that are worth noting for wrestling fans, especially leading into Raw tonight.

Chris Jericho's Elimination

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    Jericho's elimination was shocking because it never actually happened. He was deemed unfit to continue the match because he was knocked out.

    While this should be a completely viable in a world where pro wrestling takes itself seriously, it will get worked into a storyline and get CM Punk and Jericho a match against each other at WrestleMania.

    The fact that Punk retained without technically disposing of all of his opponents gave a nice twist in what would have otherwise been a standard stipulation match.

A Decent Divas Match

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    Beth Phoenix and Tamina Snuka had a decent match that didn't end in one or two minutes.

    That shouldn't be a shocker, but with how the Divas division has been treated in recent years, it was. The two women gave an impressive showing and proved to the fans that there is a reason to watch female wrestling.

    The fact that the WWE placed some trust in them is amazing.

    The fact that they delivered on that trust is a positive as well.

John Laurinaitis' Announcement About Smackdown

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    John Laurinaitis announced that he has maintained his job as Raw general manager and started a campaign to get Teddy Long's job as general manager of Smackdown.

    It is a great wrinkle for Laurinaitis' character and gives Long a much-needed boost storyline wise. Where it goes is cloudy at best right now, but the fact that it isn't a clear-cut answer is good.

    It gives the WWE more options and gives them a chance to make a great angle.

Santino Marella's Strong Showing

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    It is hard to believe that Santino Marella made it as far as he did in the Elimination Chamber match.

    Why did the WWE do it?

    Was it to get Bryan to win over an opponent that the fans could believe he could best?

    Was it a start of a push?

    Hard to say right now, but it makes this writer want to tune in to Smackdown this Friday.

Sheamus Beating Down Daniel Bryan

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    Sheamus has made his decision.

    He will face Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble.

    At least that is what the WWE got us to believe as the pasty Irishman attacked Bryan after the champion's win in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.

    Since it is unlikely that Sheamus will choose anyone else, it will be interesting to see how the WWE makes this work.

    Just like all the other twists on the PPV, it makes us wonder.

    And that is what it's supposed to do.


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