WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: Chris Jericho and CM Punk Give Fans Perfect Tease

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistFebruary 21, 2012

Chris Jericho did not walk out of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view with the WWE title. He also didn't get pinned in the match. That is the perfect setup for an epic WrestleMania match between him and CM Punk for the WWE Championship. 

When it was first announced that Jericho was going to be in the Chamber, and it was obvious that a feud with CM Punk was in the works, it made sense to have him win the title and continue the rivalry into WrestleMania. 

Seeing what WWE ended up doing with it, I was happy to be wrong. There was really nothing that could have been gained by having either Punk or Jericho go over the other in this match. 

Since the ring is surrounded by a cage with, supposedly, no way out, the only way it would have ended is with a clean pinfall. If that would have happened, why would we want to see them wrestle one-on-one?

Instead, WWE gave us a little tease of what we can look forward to at WrestleMania. We know that these two will have a great match, because they are two of the best workers in the company.

To really get people invested, and to make the title look a little bit stronger, it made sense to have Jericho leave the match due to an injury thanks to CM Punk. 

We still don't know who the best in the world is, and that is the way it should be going into the biggest show of the year. All those questions that we have, any doubt that Jericho might have about how great he still is, how Punk feels about stealing Jericho's mantra, all of it will come out during the next five weeks. 

WWE has had problems in recent years because it tries to blow through feuds so fast, nothing is ever given the time to properly develop as it should. 

WrestleMania seems to be the one exception to that rule, because when you look at what has been going on with John Cena and The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker and Chris Jericho and CM Punk, it is obvious that the top matches are getting the build they deserve. 

Jericho and Punk gave us exactly what we needed from them at the Elimination Chamber and RAW last night, and now we can look forward to their match on the biggest show of the year. 

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