WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: What's Next for Kane After Loss to Cena?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 20, 2012

Picture: wrestlearena.blogspot.com
Picture: wrestlearena.blogspot.com

Last night at the Elimination Chamber PPV, we got to see John Cena push the hate away and pack Kane into the back of an ambulance to win his match.

The match itself was decent, but the outcome was predictable. Kane ended up losing after being given an AA off the side of the ambulance in a nice-looking spot.

Now that Cena will be looking forward to WrestleMania and his match with The Rock, we have to wonder what is next for the big red monster?

There is no question that he needs a program going into WrestleMania. Kane came back strong under his new mask and his reinvigorated image should be utilized to the fullest.

If WWE is smart, then they will use the opportunity to give Ryder a big-time feud with Kane heading into the biggest night of the year.

Ryder is just as much involved in this feud as Kane is since he was not only injured by Kane on a couple of occasions, but he was also used by Kane to make Cena become angry.

This resulted in the girl of his dreams rejecting him and Ryder becoming angry at Cena. Cena did not turn heel last night and with Ryder's popularity going higher each week, I doubt WWE would turn him heel either.

That means they will likely hug it out and put things behind them for the sake of the kiddies. The only question I have about a possible Kane/Ryder feud is, how will WWE explain Ryder's broken back?

Any break in someone's back should keep them out of the ring for months at the bare minimum and if Ryder is just magically back in a week or two, then it will look strange and less realistic than normal.

I just don't see another angle WWE could go. Ryder is becoming one of the more popular names in WWE and his merchandise is one of the top three sellers on WWE.com, making him a hot commodity.

I just hope WWE gives some kind of direction to Kane after his loss to Cena because his momentum is still high despite his loss.

What do you think Kane will do now that he has lost to Cena?