WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: 5 Observations from Sunday's Event

Aakash VasaCorrespondent IIFebruary 20, 2012

The moment the IWC cried.
The moment the IWC cried.

Another WWE pay-per-view is over and another disappointment. WWE Elimination Chamber might have been an episode of Raw, it was that lackluster.

Considering that this was the final pit stop to WrestleMania, WWE should have put on a better show.

The two chamber matches were pathetically predictable, divas' match inconsequential and there was a pointless impromptu US Title match.

Here are my thoughts after watching the event.


1. Whoever decided the order of the card should be fired AT ONCE. 

The WWE Title match starts the show. Really? Really? Really? The biggest title in the company has to be the main event of the night. Plain and simple. 

And more nonsense was to come. Logic says that if not the WWE title, then the World Championship match should be the main event. Especially considering both of those matches are once-in-a-year gimmick matches. But instead, that was the third match on the show.

So let me get this straight? On a gimmick pay-per-view named Elimination Chamber, not one of the Chamber matches is the main event. Ridiculous.

I'll touch on the actual main event of the match a bit later.

CM Punk went on to retain his WWE Championship.
CM Punk went on to retain his WWE Championship.


2. The Divas' had a decent match, but it still wasn't PPV quality. 

Beth Phoenix faced Tamina Snuka for the Divas' Championship last night, in what was a fast-paced nice match, one of the better divas' matches we've seen in the recent past. It went on for around seven and a half minutes, which is too much for a normal divas' match these days. Beth picked up the win after kicking out of the Superfly Smash and planting Tamina with the GlamSlam.

Still, the Divas' division needs to improve by leaps and bounds. I guess, the addition of Kharma to the mix will only improve the division and the match quality. 


3. Santino Marella was the star of the show. 

Without a doubt, Santino Marella really stole the show last night. He got the second biggest pop of the night, after CM Punk. And he definitely had the most airtime on the PPV. Apart from many backstage training segments, Santino had a strong showing in the Smackdown! Chamber match as well, making it to the final two. 

Wrestling wise, too, Santino showed that he can do the job in the ring. He even ended up eliminating Cody Rhodes from the Chamber via a roll up.

I seriously think WWE should push him and at least have him in the mid-card scene rather than be used as a comedy act everywhere.


4. The Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match was actually better than the Raw one.

The Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match was always going to be predictable once Randy Orton was out due to injury, but there was a bit of intrigue as to who was going to win the Raw match, Jericho or Punk. I realize they wanted to protect Jericho, but I wasn't a fan of the way they ended the Raw match. 

Apart from the ending, the whole match was lackluster. There wasn't any standout moment; there was no huge Kofi Kingston spot, just the usual diving crossbody off the top of one of the pods.

In fact I'll even go out on a limb and say that the Smackdown! Chamber match was much better. It started off slow, but later on it picked great pace.

There was a cool spot when Big Show climbed into Daniel Bryan's pod and started beating the hell out of him. Another great spot was when Barrett powerbombed Bryan into the side of the Chamber.

Besides, Santino and Barrett also had strong showings. And Khali put on a classic in the ten seconds he survived. So all was well. 


5. Another SuperCena demolition worsened an already-disappointing show.

John Cena was at the height of his 'superhero-ness' last night in his match against Kane. He no-sold everything that Kane did and went on to win the match as cleanly as possible to finally end this awful rivalry.

Where was Zack Ryder? Where was Eve? Where was the surprise return of The Rock?
Nothing. The whole rivalry became pointless and Kane looked like a complete idiot. 

The CeNation rejoiced and the IWC boiled in rage yet again. 

That's about it for now, if you have anything to say, hit the comments button and let me know.

Thanks for reading!