BCS Goes Little League: Everyone's a Winner!

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IJanuary 6, 2009

As the asterisk-laden BCS Bowl Season slowly draws toward its end, the articles coming out over last night's Fiesta Bowl have my bowels in a tangled mess.

Why?  It is simple.

Let me begin with how the articles began when "Bowl Season" first started.  All I was reading was how the game between Oklahoma and Florida was aptly deemed the "BCS National Championship." 

They were filled with many praises saying the BCS had successfully narrowed the FBS-eligible teams down to the two who deserved to be there. 

As much as it disgusted me and I disagreed with it, I had succumbed to accepting that whoever walked away from that game with a victory would be the National Champions of NCAA FBS Football.

Looking at the articles now, especially coming out of my home state of Texas, are suggestion we're going to have co-National Champions.

Wait, what?!

Let me get this straight, since Texas wasn't in the National Championship, and beat a lack-luster Ohio State, in an amazing game I will say, is deserving of a share of the National Championship?  Wow, that is dumb.

Well then, if Texas "deserves" a share, then Utah does too.  They proved themselves against the team that held the No. 1 ranking for the bulk of the season, Alabama.  Utah showed that, yes, they did deserve to be in the big dance. 

In an article on Yahoo, one reporter mentioned that a lot of voters based their votes on Utah on the fact they didn't "see" them play.

Again, what?!

These people who vote for who deserves to have opportunities to play for the biggest prize in collegiate football only vote for teams that they can see from the comforts of their home? 

These quacks, I can guarantee, make more money than I'll ever see, and can't afford to drop a few bucks to get a cable package that allows them to see every team who statistically deserves an equal chance at being considered?  Wow, I am completely disgusted. 

The people the NCAA gives this responsibility to don't even take the time to give teams equal consideration?  We have some lazy creeps making some major decisions who are ill-informed boobs.

Hey maybe whoever loses the National Championship can have a share of the championship too?

Congrats Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and (most-deserving) Utah on being the co-co-co-co-National Champions of the BCS!  Wow that sentence made me want some hot cocoa...