WWE Elimination Chamber: The BOOM of the Raw Chamber Match

John KindelanAnalyst IIIFebruary 20, 2012

The 14th Elimination Chamber of the WWE has come to an end and this year's participants, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, R Truth and The Miz, all put on an amazing show while keeping within the restrictions of the new WWE.

Its a much different chamber match than it was years ago when the first one took place. No more bloody faces or dangerous glass pods exploding.

Precautions are clearly taken as to not have puddles of blood strewn around the mat, and while some will watch now and miss those days while cursing the PG WWE, you have to look at it in the aspect that now these new superstars are taxed with having to put on a match that's just as entertaining without taking a razor to their forehead.

This year, the match was started with Kofi and the champion CM Punk in the ring and the other players in their respective pods. These two put on a great show with some stellar chain wrestling.

The BOOMs started early when Kofi was whipped to the ropes by CM Punk and instead of bouncing off them he leaped the three ropes in a single bound and landed on his feet.

From there it just escalated, Punk taking a suplex onto the steel grated floor to once again find lines cut into his upper thigh, an injury he had in a past Chamber match.

Dolph Ziggler was the third participant to enter and he did what he does best: show off. Pull ups on the chain cage turned into a leg drop onto Punk was both cocky and impressive. There had to be at least five times in the night that Dolph was sent flying over the top rope to land on the steel floor yet somehow he managed to come out unscathed.

The next big BOOM of the match involved Ziggler, but only because he ducked out of the way of Kofi and Punk flying through the air from either side of the ring only to collide with one another mid air. This is why cable boxes now have an instant replay button.

R-Truth was the fourth member of the match and the first to leave, can't say he had any big spots of the night, his participation was unfortunately more forgettable than the debate he was in on the previous Monday.

A highlight of something that involved R-Truth might be when CM Punk climbed the to the top turnbuckle to deliver his Macho Man homage elbow drop to R-Truth in the center of the ring.

Best part of the move was the little wave he gave Chris Jericho, who was in the pod behind him.

Miz, like R-Truth, played a small role in this chamber match, no outstanding moves, no new innovative way to use the chamber, he was there, he had a match, it was not Elimination Chamber-worthy.

Jericho finally entered the ring, causing Punk to stop his Anaconda Vise move on Ziggler, which to me was a poor choice. Jericho was watching him apply the move, why not let the buzzer go off only to have Jericho wait until he finished Ziggler off and made him tap.

Ziggler was taken out shortly afterwards with a code breaker that seemed to hit Dolph's face rather than his chest. It surprised me that he was the next to be taken out, but since Jericho's return, he has taken a back seat to everything. A shame, since he was main eventing and really putting on great shows with Punk for some time.

The next big BOOM of the night however came when Chris Jericho found a new way to use the chamber match by crushing CM Punk with one of the pod doors.

Pulling him shoulder first again and again into the door and then finally driving the door closed striking Punk in the face and groin you wondered if it was going to split the man in two.

The next to be eliminated was Kofi Kingston. Jericho made him tap in a nasty looking Lion Tamer submission. A variation of the Walls of Jericho, he really bent Kofi in half and drove his knee into the back of his neck. BOOM, Kofi tapped.

Jericho proceeded to deal punishment out to Kingston, perhaps some revenge for Kofi's attack on Jericho on the previous Monday night. He worked Kofi all the way out the door, tossing him to the floor below.

While Jericho admired his work, Punk lay in wait and delivered a kick to Jericho as he turned around. This sent Jericho out the door, spiraling down, crashing into a cameraman and hitting his head on some random-placed box. 

Apparently this was enough to knock "the best there is at what he does" out cold and make him unable to continue the match. A personal sad moment for myself, and while I can see where this will take the story, removing the guy I was cheering for in this fashion was a bit disappointing.

Leaving just Punk and The Miz in the ring, we were left without any further BOOMs to come from the Raw Chamber match, Punk won with a Go To Sleep and was the fourth champion ever to retain his title in an Elimination Chamber.

While these matches are not nearly as bloody as they used to be, they still do deliver on the entertainment factor, and this one really highlighted a group of guys that are clearly the new forefront of Monday Night Raw.

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