Countdown to Daytona: Owner Point Style No. 32 (Robby Gordon)

Ben BombergerSenior Writer IJanuary 5, 2009

Good morning, fellow NASCAR fans and welcome to Day 4 of my 35-day venture around the teams of NASCAR.

I set out with one point when I began writing this, to try and get the most articles I possibly could by the start of the season.

OK, that wasn’t the real reason, I really set out because I wanted to preview the sport’s upcoming season in hopes to get some people excited about being about a month away from the Budweiser Shootout.

Today, we take a look at the sport’s only remaining single-car owner-operated team that runs full-time.

Robby Gordon has, so far, gone against the odds and managed to remain competitive (at times) in his one car. This upcoming season could be the best for Gordon since he started his own team, but only time will tell.

Here goes:

Today’s Spotlight: No. 7

Team: Robby Gordon Motorsports

Driver: Robby Gordon

Sponsor(s): Jim Bean, Drink Smart, MAPEI, and Menards. For a look at paint schemes visit:

Driver 2008 Stats: In 2008, Gordon made all 36 races. He managed three top-10 finishes and earned more than $3.8 million. He averaged a 28th place finish, en route to a 33th place finish in the points standings.

News: For the second year in a row, Gordon will take to the track at Daytona in a different manufacture. Gordon announced during the off-season that his team would be fielding Toyotas in 2009. He spent only one year driving Dodges, and never seemed to get the handle of the manufacture.

The move to Toyota should benefit Gordon, who originally drove Fords, but decided he was tired of being the fourth- or fifth-place team in the manufacture.

Toyota is dedicated to having each of its teams perform at a high level and give plenty of time and money in research to ensure good finishes.

Gordon, so far, has gone against all those who said a single-car owner-operated team could not exist in NASCAR. He may not have had tremendous success to date, but he has shown promise at many tracks that he can run with the top drivers.

My Prediction for 2009: Gordon should be a lot better this season. He is a good driver and knows how to get around the tracks. Having Toyota behind him with the money and research and development teams, will only increase his chances to finish well. I see Gordon finishes in his best position since becoming the owner of his own team.

I could see him finishing somewhere between 17th and 25th in the points. He’s not ready to make the Chase, but could be really soon.

Will this team remain in top-35: In 2008, this team stayed near the edge of the top-35 most of the season, finishing 34th. He benefited when the two Dale Earnhardt Incorporated teams closed and moved up to 32nd, but should have no problem remaining there in 2009.

Up Tomorrow: Driver unknown, No. 41 Dodge:

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Reminder: Only 32 days until the Budweiser Shootout!