Is Manny Being Manny, or Is Manny Being Stupid

Mike KentSenior Writer IJanuary 5, 2009


Manny Ramirez had a great second half with the Dodgers and he is the reason the Dodgers made the playoffs. In a market that had the Yankees, Rays, Dodgers, and others looking for a new bat, Manny had a shot at getting a lot of money.

Everything was looking great for Manny.

But he blew it.

The Yankees got Mark Teixeira, the Rays got Pat Burrell, and the Dodgers are saying that they lost interest in Manny. The Dodgers had offered Manny Ramirez a two-year $45 million deal six weeks ago, but they took it back. The Dodgers want him for no more than two years.

Manny wants a four-year deal though; and he is going to be 37 in May. He is not going to get that deal now that it looks like the Yankees are out of the market for him.

But now there are new teams that are letting themselves look at Manny because his price has gone way down. One of those teams is the San Francisco Giants, who look like they may have a good shot at getting him. The Rangers have also shown that they may go after him, but it looks like they will first try to get a pitcher .

The Mets said that they are not going to go after Manny and owner Fred Wilpon seams to hate the guy. But GM Omar Minaya loves him and really wants him, so maybe if his price comes down Omar will try to convince Wilpon.

The Nationals also said that they will not go after him, but if the price gets lower they may give it a shot. If they want to jump into the race for the NL East, they will need to get a big bat

The Dodgers and Scott Boras will get back to talking about Manny Ramirez soon. They want him for two years, and I think they will get him for cheap.

The Yankees are not talking about Manny but they could jump in at any time, like they did with Mark Teixeira. The Evil Empire can always surprise fans of baseball.

For now though, Manny will just have to sit, and wait.