Randy Orton Will Become WWE RAW's Most Outstanding Superstar of 2009

Bernice NoparatContributor IJanuary 5, 2009

Hey everyone:

Good evening,

Well since it's already the year 2009, and WWE.com is asking which WWE RAW Superstar will become the most outstanding for 2009, I have a feeling it will be Randy Orton.

If you are wondering why I pick him—it's because I'm a huge fan of my favourite RAW Superstar and he has been my role model for the past six years.

This is because, at the age of 24, He defeated Chris Benoit and became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion, without getting any help from Evolution.

I think what he did was impressive.

And thats not all, at No Mercy 2007, Randy did the impossible by defeating Triple H, becoming the new WWE Champion.

All his matches I've seen are impressive, and the fact is, he doesn't really cheat. Any great World Heavyweight Champion has the ability to do whatever it takes to win—excluding JBL of course.

I think Randy will make a great World Heavyweight Champion for the future. If he does it soon will depend if he can win the Royal Rumble 2009. Who knows what the future holds.

But right now, I think Randy Orton will make a great leader and mentor for Cody Rhodes in Legacy.

I really hope Randy won't get hurt by Kane.

Because this time is different—Randy is no longer a ordinary heel WWE RAW Superstar anymore, more like a viper-like heel, which makes him more ruthless, unstoppable, undefeated, that will punt or RKO anyone that gets in his way.

Hence why I think 2009 will be a great year for Randy Orton.

That is all.

Looking forward to your reply.