Vince McMahon's 5 Biggest Successes of 2012

Jesse Morrill@@OneWithAwesomeContributor IIIFebruary 19, 2012

Vince McMahon's 5 Biggest Successes of 2012

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    This man is a genius.

    Now, while I'm not the most optimistic person, I believe in an eye for an eye. I believe in having things all even out in the long run.

    So, seeing as two days ago I wrote of Vince McMahon's five biggest mistakes of 2012...

    Here are Vincent Kennedy McMahon's five biggest successes of 2012.

Honorable Mention

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    Kane Returns With a Vengeance, and a Mask

    While it's not quite the mask from 1997, it's still better than him being unmasked.

    Think of how this storyline would look without the mask.

    A middle aged, bald, fat man in spandex torturing a muscular boy scout and trying to drag his cheesy, orange friend who wears a porcupine on his head into a fiery abyss.

5. Taking Cena out of the Title Picture

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    Yes, this may have started last year, but it's great to see it's continuing.

    I started watching WWE right around WrestleMania 25, and I was truly astonished by John Cena.

    Watching him lift Big Show and Edge on his shoulders was astounding.

    I was thrilled to see him win the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Then we're at WrestleMania 26, when John Cena fought an epic match with Batista for the WWE Championship. And I am 100-percent sure that if WrestleMania 26 wasn't the place for HBK's last bout with The Undertaker, that match would have headlined the Show of Shows.

    Then it's Extreme Rules, and John Cena wins the WWE title again. It made me absolutely sick.

    For the 10th time, John Cena had been World Champion. Since he lost the title to Alberto Del Rio, he's been out of the title picture, and I'm glad. It's time for the WWE to let someone else run the show.

    But keeping him out of the title picture isn't enough. He needs to get injured. 

    Not something that will ruin his life. Not paralyzing him. Just a ruptured tendon.

    It's not that I don't like Cena. I do. I hate that fans are booing him. I hate that he's worn out mentally. But most of all, I hate that they put his storyline ahead of the WWE Title. His bits and promos with Kane are great, I really like this storyline. But the second that a superstar is put ahead of the World Title, it shows that Un-Creative relies on him to much.

    The fans need to realize what the company is without him. And Un-Creative has to learn how to handle it. 

4. Keeping Rock at Home

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    The Rock is amazing.

    But for right now, he's not needed.

    Cena's working with Kane, and Rock getting involved in that would make about as much sense of Santino Marrella walking out of the Elimination Chamber with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. 

    A premature Rock could ruin the storyline.

    But so far, Rock hasn't done anything, which is smart on the part of Vinnie Mac. He has been mentioned and one or two video packages have been made for him, but there have been no live sightings of him, which is good.

    Until the first RAW after the Elimination Chamber, Rocky should stay like Bigfoot—photos and videos and nothing more.

3. Giving Sheamus the Rumble

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    A surprise entrant is one thing, but a dark-horse winner is another.

    When I heard " AAAAAYYOOOOOOOOAAAAHH!!! " blast over the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, I was pumped.

    Mr. America walked to the ring, and the crowd was on their feet.

    When a cynical laugh was played, I was delighted to see my favorite diva return.

    When my Gluteus Maximus was instructed to call somebody, I knew that the Road Dogg was in the house.

    And when Sheamus entered the Rumble, I was dead silent. I really didn't care about Sheamus.

    Then, as the crowd counted down, the lights went out and Chris Jericho came out to an eruption from the crowd. 

    I said to myself, "Here comes the winner."

    Then Sheamus kicked Jericho right in the face and was declared the winner of the 25th Royal Rumble.

    I suddenly cared about Sheamus.

    And suddenly, everyone cared about Sheamus.

2. Having HHH Say "NO"

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    Triple H saying no is the best thing possible for this storyline.

    Now we get more of those creepy Undertaker promos.

    We get more Shawn Michaels.

    And I have a good feeling that HHH and Undertaker in a mind-games storyline is going to be great.

1. Every Single Thing They've Done with Zack Ryder

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    This will be the most controversial slide of this article.

    Zack started a YouTube show so he wouldn't get fired and end up back in NYWC. 

    He started this show, and immediately got backed up by hundreds upon thousands of fans, myself included.

    To hell with Rey Mysterio, The Long Island Ice Z was the new Ultimate Underdog.

    He's the best mid-carder on RAW, and creative is doing the best thing possible for him.

    He gets the US title, and fans start to boo him. So instead of having him keep the title and be hated, they have him drop it. 

    He becomes friends with Cena and starts dating Eve Torres, and the fans hate him. So they have Eve and Cena turn on him.

    They have him in a goofy dork gimmick, and he got booed. So they had his love interest Eve kiss his best friend John Cena.

    He got serious and slapped the taste out of the mouth of the face of the WWE. 

    If Cena wins the WWE title after 'Mania and Ryder's kayfabe injuries are all healed, expect one of the best feuds in recent memory.


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    While this year has had its share of bad moments, it's also had its share of good ones.

    Whether the year will be good or bad, only one thing is certain.

    It's gonna be a hell of a ride to find out.