WWE News: How R-Truth Avoided Serious Injury on Feb. 6 Raw

Louie BabcockContributor IIIFebruary 17, 2012

R-Truth was part of a six-man event on this edition of Raw. The Miz was standing outside the ring, R-Truth catapulted himself up and over and tried to land a spring board splash on Miz.

What he hit was the floor, and he hit it hard.

The Miz broke the most important rule in pro wrestling: He failed to protect his opponent.

While I was watching Raw, I was convinced that Truth was just seriously injured and would be out of action for weeks while he recovered.

As time went by,  my medical training and knowledge of how the human body works started to kick thoughts around in my head. I will take this time now and break down how Truth avoided serious injury and I hope when I am done, many of you will agree with me.

The way Truth's body reacted was very similar to that of a drunk driver getting into a car accident.

Due to my work on the ambulance, I have seen many car accidents involving drunk drivers. I have noticed that for a large majority of them, the drunk driver is far less injured than the other driver.

The reason for this is that the drunk driver is relaxed at the point of impact.

Wrestlers are conditioned and trained to believe that the person they are wrestling against will do all they can to protect them. Wrestlers would not be confident enough to do some of the high flying moves if they did not believe that the impact would be cushioned by the other wrestler.

When R-Truth began his ascent towards Miz, he was confident that Miz would catch him and fall backwards appropriately to take away some of the impact momentum. R-Truth would have been completely relaxed during his time in flight.

When you know you are about to make impact with the ground or anything else, your body begins to constrict your muscles.

This happens because of the fight or flight response.

Fight or flight allows our body to prepare for a significant event. It constricts our muscles to prepare them for whatever we need to do to survive. This is usually beneficial when you need to run fast, or fight for your life. However, it also has the draw back of being another hard surface for your bones to contact when your body is falling.

After Truth landed on the floor, his body came to a stop. On the inside, however, his bones and organs were still moving at the same speed he was falling at. Objects in motion stay in motion until acted on by an opposing force.

His internal body parts did not stop moving until the bones contacted muscle and his organs contacted bone. Since his muscles were relaxed, they acted as a bit of a cushion, absorbing the shock waves from the momentum of the impact.

Don't get me wrong, his body was still going through a physiologic response to the trauma that just occurred.

His lungs immediately compressed, pushing all the air inside them out of his body. Neurons were sending pain responses back to his brain, which in turn, flooded his body with endorphins to try to lessen the feeling of pain.

All this happened within fraction of seconds of his landing.

I believe the ref called for the trainers simply because the botch looked very severe, and the training staff were playing it safe in case Truth suffered a concussion or other internal injury that would not be obvious without X-ray or CT scans.

 I believe now that Truth—given some time to catch his breath and shake off the shock of the missed move—would have been able to finish the match. He suffered no broken bones or muscle tears.

The faith wrestlers have in one another is amazing.

Wrestlers are part of a brotherhood that takes pride in their craft. For the most part, they do a great job protecting one another. And yes, at times accidents happen and injuries occur no matter how hard wrestlers try to protect one another.

This, however, was no mistake.

This was a flagrant disregard for the safety of another wrestler. The Miz really has no excuse as to why he failed to be in the right position to take the move. The Miz lost some respect that night, and will likely get shoved down to midcard status until he can prove his head is in the right place.

R-Truth is a fast rising star in WWE, and they cannot really afford to lose main event-caliber talent to a senseless injury. Do I think Truth will continue to attempt this move and other high risk moves?

You bet I do.

Do I think we will see him take those same risks next time he is in a match with Miz?

I seriously doubt it—not for a long time, at least.

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