It Is Time for the WWE to Bring Back the King of the Ring as a Pay-Per-View

Travis SmithAnalyst IIFebruary 17, 2012

The WWE has scrapped the Money In The Bank pay-per-view event reportedly and is now looking for a replacement event in the month of June. Some folks have been screaming for an event like War Games or some gimmick PPV event that the WWE has never tried before.

Now while some of these events seem to be a good idea, I feel that it is now indeed time for the company to bring back a classic event called the King Of The Ring.

This PPV event was first created in 1985 but debuted on the PPV scene in 1993 and was a huge success. There were classic bouts on the card from top to bottom, and the winners of the event gained a huge main-event push that some guys like Brock Lesnar used towards a WWE title reign.

The event did so much good for the younger talent because it gave them a main-event stage to prove their worth to the company, and it was very exciting for the fans to watch.

The WWE has wanted to move the Money In The Bank match back to WrestleMania for a while now, so allowing the King Of The Ring event to return to PPV would be a win-win situation for all sides.

The WWE used to push the event as its fifth biggest event of the year because they usually made the winner of the tournament the guy they pushed towards a showdown with the champion at SummerSlam.

Now while PPV numbers have been down in the last few years, bringing back an old-school event like the King Of The Ring will look appealing to fans and will be instantly a "must-see" event. 

The younger talent on the roster has been getting more air time since the Money In The Bank event went on PPV, and that is a great thing to promote, so seeing another event geared towards the younger talent will be nothing but good news for the WWE because they can now always bank on a young star getting his opportunity at greatness.

Fans have been growing tired of seeing the same sort of chaos on PPVs since 2009, so to go back in time in a way and use the King Of The Ring as its own event is something special and meaningful.

The event could be centered entirely on the tournament and be pushed like how TNA does with Destination X and its X Division.

Gearing this event towards the talent in the tournament is great because that way we can get a good look at who is for real and who isn't. It's something different, and it is an idea that I feel all wrestling fans will look forward to because of the unpredictable factor behind it. 

I know the Royal Rumble is the event to push a certain talent towards greatness at WrestleMania, but King Of The Ring can do the same for someone towards SummerSlam.

This event use to be a springboard towards the summer months, and it was the event to build up feuds and push a new star for the main event at SummerSlam. If the WWE is smart, they will take my advice and dust off the bottle by bringing back a classic event.


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