Jeremy Lin Video: Watch Tribute to Best Knicks Point Guard in Two Decades

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 17, 2012

After watching this emotional tug at hoop-head heart strings, two things are clear. New York City loves themselves some Jeremy Lin, and they still hold grudges over guards from John Starks to Stephon Marbury

This song has it all, if by all you mean a parody based on the Bill Withers song "Lean on Me." Actually, I could have used at least a screen shot from the hit movie Lean on Me starring Morgan Freeman, at least the bathroom singing scene. I always cry. 

Back to this video. 

The Network of Champions is a YouTube channel that provides this hilarious video of Jeremy Lin adoration. The singer begs, "Lin on Me." 

After just one verse, you get the sense that Knicks fans have been waiting for far too long for a star point guard to light up Madison Square Garden. 

The only hiccup comes early in the song and we must address. The singer says that thanks to Taiwan, we now have Jeremy Lin. We have to establish that Lin is an American and was born in this country. It's selling his nationality short if we continue to bill him as solely Asian when that is but a part of who he is. 

Off the soapbox and into the absurd. 

There are a few guards that are dissed in this video, and I have a soft spot for making fun of NBA players. The singer asks Lin not to be a Marbury and then shows the classic video of Starbury eating Vaseline. 

We later learned thanks to TMZ that Marbury had a sore throat and uses Vaseline as a remedy. You know, because chicken soup would be gross. 

Even John Starks gets some love with the reminder that he was prone to ill-timed bricks in 1994. No guard is left unturned as Charlie Ward is called out for being far less than what the fans at MSG have been asking for. 

Fortunes have changed.  

Jeremy Lin may not be the best player ever, but he is certainly better than Ward, and now he has his own song. Baller.