Disappointment In Denver: Nuggets Make No Major Trades

Sean StancillSenior Writer IFebruary 22, 2008

I was drooling like a kid in a candy store when hearing the players that could possibly don a powder blue uniform before the NBA's trading deadline—and then I was served a plate of spinach.

Out of the numerous possible trade scenarios and rumors swirling around the Denver Nuggets, only one trade was made—Taurean Green for Von Wafer.

That's right, a meaningless swap of backups was the highlight of Denver's trading activity.

I, for one, am highly disappointed in the choices Denver made prior to the deadline, and wonder the bigger deals didn't go through. Linus Kleiza, Nene, and a first-round pick would have been a small price to pay for Ron Artest and Kenny Thomas.

Artest is one of the premier players in the game today, and that deal would have certainly been a bargain.

I question if Linus Kleiza is worth it. Sure, he has a scoring outburst once every other month, but Ron Artest can give you that almost every night. Ron is also a much better defender than Kleiza and a threat on both ends of the floor, where Linus is only effective on the offensive side.

There were also reports around the league, saying that if the Kleiza for Artest trade fell through, Denver would then acquire Zach Randolph from New York. But I don't see Zach on our team. Do you?

Randolph would've been a lovely upgrade from lackluster Kenyon Martin. Randolph posses a better mid-range game than Kenyon and also better rebounding. Zach also used to be a 20-10 kind of guy up North in Portland, so we know what he is capable of.

The Nuggets also had a shot at the Grizzlies' Kyle Lowry, who became expendable after Memphis acquired Javaris Crittenton via the Pau Gasol trade. Lowry's agent tempted Denver with the thought of the PG, but proved only to be a tease.

Lastly, there's Sam Cassell, who is a big fan of Coach George Karl and has publicy stated that he would enjoy playing for him. SamIAm can join the team if the Clippers buy out his contract, allowing him to sign with the Nuggets.

However, the deadline for such a move is quickly approaching. Cassell will only be active on the playoff roster if he joins the team before March 1st.

Denver failed to make a big-name deal on the 21st. I'm learning to look past that, as the long as they get Sam Cassell by the other deadline. If they don't, then we'll have to wonder what has gotten into the Mile High.