Indiana Hoosiers vs. Northwestern Wildcats: Plus/ Minus Player Analysis

Jason EadieContributor IFebruary 16, 2012 Plus/Minus Sports! Plus/Minus Sports!

Welcome to another edition of the Plus/Minus analysis for your Indiana Hoosiers! This was a must win game for Indiana and they were able to pull out the 5 point victory over the Northwestern Wildcats.  The stats and analysis provided within are produced by  Visit their website at

 *Just in case you forgot, here is a quick breakdown as to what the +/- Player Analysis is looking at. Example: Here is a quick example of how the +/- stat is determined. Zeller, Watford, VJIII, Hulls and Sheehey start the game for IU. Therefore the score is 0-0. Coach Crean makes his first substitution at 15:00 with the score IU up 15-10. Oladipo comes into the game for Sheehey. For this stint in time, Sheehey would earn a +5 (while Sheehey was in, IU increased their lead by 5 points). The Lineup of Zeller, Watford, VJIII, Hulls and Sheehey also earned a +5. This will continue throughout the game.

Game +/- vs Northwestern



Key Points

  • There are now three main columns; On Court, Off Court, Player Impact. The first column (On Court) shows the +/- numbers for when the player was on the court. Same can be said for the 2nd column, except it shows what IU did when the player was on the bench. The final column Player Impact, shows the overall impact that player had on the game.
  • Tom Pritchard – Boy did Tom have a solid 13 minutes of play tonight or what?  Lineups with Pritchard were +17 in the 13 minutes he played, and -12 in the 27 minutes he was on the bench.  That is a swing of 29 points which I believe is the highest we’ve had this year.
  • Matt Roth – He continues his dominance over this statistic.  Game after game, Roth continues to light up opponents with his deep ball and helps Indiana take control of games.  Roth will continue to be vital down the stretch for the Hoosiers.
  • Derek Elston – After many quality minutes for Elston, that came to an end tonight.  Elston went -15 in his 8 minutes of play.  This game will drop Elston into the negative for all B1G games to date.
  • Christian Watford – It’s very interesting that Watford lineups went -4 tonight in his 29 minutes.  Luckily for the Hoosiers, when Watford wasn’t in the game, IU outscored Northwestern by 9 points.

B1G Games Only +/-



Key Points

  • Matt Roth – He continues his dominance over the Plus/Minus B1G season race.  He’s only had one negative game during B1G play this year.
  • Tom Pritchard – Pritchard shot up the chart after his strong +17 performance versus Northwestern.  Tom is in the positive side of the equation for the first time all B1G season.
  • Will Sheehey – Will remains a mystery for me.  He is the lowest on the team at -19, and Indiana is +44 with Will on the bench.  I know Will brings a ton of effort and hustle to the team, and I love having him in the games, but it is interesting to see these stats.

Season to Date +/-



Key Points:

  • The chart above shows the Plus/Minus for the entire season. The main issue with this chart, is there were a lot of blowout wins involved.

Lineups for the Game:



Key Points:

  • Above you can see the lineups for the night. See how the game progressed as you move from the top downward.
  • Overall, Coach Crean used 20 different lineups. (10 Positive, 2 neutral, 8 negative)
  • There were 28 different stints in the game (14 Positive, 4 neutral, 10 negative)
  • Overall, it speaks favorably of Coach Crean’s decisions when his Positive stints occur more frequently than the negative stints.

Best lineup of the Night:


The Best Lineup of the Night consisted of Hulls, Roth,  Sheehey, Watford and Zeller who went +7 in 2 minutes. This lineup did the majority of their damage at Lineup #669 (above) which was sandwiched between two 6 point Northwestern runs.  If it weren’t for this lineup, IU could have dug themselves a hole bigger than they could climb out of.

Worst Lineup of the Night

The worst lineup of the night consisted of Hulls, Oladipo, Watford, Elston and Zeller. This lineup went -8 in 3:39. This was the starting lineup for both halves tonight.  Obviously with the Hoosiers getting off to a slow start in both halves, that cannot reflect well on the overall lineup.  It is interesting though, that this lineup can be so effective versus Purdue and Illinois, then play so poorly against Northwestern.  I would have to go back and look, but there have been many occasions where the worst lineup of the night ended up being the starters.

Big Ten Lineup Facts

Quick Facts:

  • Coach Crean has used 123 different lineups in B1G play (59 Positive, 15 neutral, 49 negative)
  • Best lineups – +14 (Hulls, Oladipo, Roth, Watford, Pritchard) (11 minutes played)
  • Worst Lineup – Hulls, Jones, Sheehey, Watford, Zeller (-17 in 28 minutes of play)  Coach Crean played this lineup vs Northwestern.  They went -6 in 2.5 minutes.  Might be time to give this lineup a break…


This game was a game Indiana needed to win. It showed the Hoosiers can knock off all the teams that they need to.  Indiana faced a tough 1-3-1 defense which gave the Hoosier fits, but in the end they came out victorious.  The Hoosiers will look forward to Iowa on Sunday at 6:00PM ET.  Stay tuned to for more information leading up to that game!


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