New York Yankees: 10 Starters They Should Trade Dellin Betances for

Joe Acampado@@AwesomepadoCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2012

New York Yankees: 10 Starters They Should Trade Dellin Betances for

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    For once the New York Yankees have excess pitching meaning some of their pitchers, including Dellin Betances, can become trade bait.

    The buzz right now is that A.J. Burnett is the one who's going to get traded.  That trade, however, is purely to save the Yankees some salary.  The Yankees can make some moves to make their team even better if they choose to do so.

    Dellin Betances is one of the Yankees's top pitching prospect along with Manny Banuelos.  He could fetch the Yankees something of worth should they decide to go back into the trade market.  Knowing the Yankees, they're always willing to go back into the trade market.

    The current Yankees starting rotation consists of CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, Hiroki Kuroda, Phil Hughes/Freddy Garcia.  Three of those guys (Sabathia, Nova, and Pineda) are poised to be in the rotation for a good amount of time.  Hughes could join them if he gets somewhat close to his old form.

    As of now, there isn't room for both Banuelos and Betances down the road, so the Yankees should start formulating some plans for trades.  The Yankees don't need to make a trade right away, but they should at least keep their minds open to it down the road.

    In the near future, the Yankees are going to have some open spots for their starters.  Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are nearing the end of their careers.  The Yankees don't have a permanent DH.  Nick Swisher is only going to be here for another year.

    Here are 10 starters the Yankees should trade Betances for down the road.

Adam Jones

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    Adam Jones was once a top prospect in the Seattle Mariners organization, but after some initial troubles, he found himself on the Baltimore Orioles as part of the Erik Bedard trade.

    Jones has since improved his play, hitting .280 with 25 HR, and 83 RBI last season.  He's also a competent fielder and if the New York Yankees need him to, they can put him in right field.

    You're going to see several outfielders on this list since Nick Swisher's time with the team is soon going to be up.  Jones would give the Yankees some power and speed in right field.  His youth is another factor that would benefit the Yankees as they would get him just as he's entering his prime.

    Trading Dellin Betances for Adam Jones could benefit both teams as the Orioles could use pitching and the Yankees will need another outfielder.  It wouldn't be too far of a stretch since Jones isn't exactly a perennial All-Star at this point, but he's not a fourth outfield either.

    In Jones, the Yankees would get some good value and a solid right fielder for the future.

Mike Stanton

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    Now this trade is more of a stretch than the last one.

    Mike Stanton, as of this moment, is the Miami Marlins's right fielder of the future.  He's pretty much lit up pitchers since being called up in 2010.  Stanton has loads of potential, and with 34 HR and 87 RBI last season, he might possibly get even better.

    Dellin Betances has potential too, maybe just as much as Stanton. Of course, Betances has yet to prove himself on the major league level.  Betances and a couple more prospects might be enough to entice the Marlins into a trade.

    The Marlins need pitching, Carlos Zambrano and Javier Vasquez aren't mainstays in anyone's rotation.  Betances can help out their rotation if he becomes the pitcher most scouts think he's going to become.

    Stanton's a dream and it'll likely take more than Betances alone to get him.  He is one guy, however, who I definitely wouldn't mind trading Betances for.

Andrew McCutchen

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    Andrew McCutchen falls somewhere between Adam Jones and Mike Stanton in terms of being to reasonably obtain him.

    McCutchen's been playing in obscurity for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He's slowly been turning into an All-Star and the lone bright spot on that Pirates team.  His power, speed, and fielding abilities make him an asset to any team which is why the New York Yankees could use him in the outfield.

    In terms of abilities and playing style, McCutchen kinds of reminds me of Curtis Granderson, minus the left-handedness of course.

    Like with Jones and Stanton, the Yankees would be getting McCutchen in his prime and be able to have him for a while.  If the Yankees ever end up shopping Betances, they should be looking for productive players in their prime.  McCutchen is precisely that type of player.

Alex Gordon

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    Alex Gordon is finally starting to become that All-Star the Kansas City Royals thought he'd be.  However, they have another up and coming All-Star third baseman in Mike Moustakas which sent Gordon to the outfield.

    Gordon has the versatility to play the outfield if Nick Swisher doesn't return or take over third base for Alex Rodriguez.  He's shown power, the ability to hit for contact, and defense.  The New York Yankees can use all three.  He's also left-handed and Yankee Stadium loves those lefties.

    At age 28, Gordon is one of the older players on this list.  Gordon is in his prime which means he should be able to sustain his 2011 numbers for a while longer.  His age, however, also means that the Yankees won't be able to control as long as some of the other players on the list.

    The Yankees are going to have holes at right field and third base pretty soon.  Gordon can ease the Yankees's problems at one of those positions which makes him a good match.  It'll also be fun to see Gordon paired up with his old college buddy Joba Chamberlain.

Billy Butler

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    Billy Butler could solve the New York Yankees' current DH problem.  However, that would mean that the Yankees would need to trade Dellin Betances this season, and as of now, I see no reason to do so.  Butler, however, would still be a player the Yankees could consider trading him for.

    Butler is known as a doubles hitter with a bit of power.  He only hit more than 20 homers once and that was in 2009.  At age 25, Butler is just entering his prime which means his power numbers could increase.

    I don't expect him to hit over 30 homers, but 20 to 25 homers seem to be in reach for him.  The Yankees can use a solid doubles guy to drive in the runs.

    Dellin Betances's potential might be great than Butler's, but Betances is still unproven.  A swap involving these two players would seem fair, but only if other pieces were involve.

    His youth also means the Yankees would have him for a while and that's important in trading away younger players.  You want to bring in either a can't miss star or a talented, young player who would be on your team for several years.

Pablo Sandoval

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    The San Francisco Giants should be in the market for more hitting than pitching, but people seem to forget that they won the World Series in 2010 pretty much on pitching alone.

    Pablo Sandoval is surprisingly versatile for a big guy.  He can play third base as well as first and catcher.  Sandoval would be an interesting option for the catching position if Russell Martin ends up leaving, but he'd be better suited for the third base spot.

    Alex Rodriguez isn't going to be at third base forever.  This season is the start of his transition off of third base and into the DH role.  The New York Yankees need to be start looking for a replacement and Sandoval is a solid option within reach.

    Dellin Betances would do well learning from the likes of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Madison Bumgarner.  A rotation of those four would put the Giants in the running for the World Series for as long as those guys are in their primes.

Asdrubal Cabrera

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    The New York Yankees are going to need to start looking for Derek Jeter's replacement.  They should at least give Asdrubal Cabrera and his new found power some consideration.

    I don't believe Cabrera will repeat 25 homers this season.  Hitting for power hasn't exactly been his game, but he is entering his prime.  This could be the start of something if Cabrera gets similar numbers this season.  At the very worst, the Yankees will get a doubles hitting, average fielding shortstop.

    Derek Jeter doesn't need to get replaced right away, but somewhere in the frighteningly near future, the Yankees and their fans are going to need to obtain a guy to take his spot.  

    Betances's potential allows the Yankees to be able to get an above average replacement, even more so if he lives up to that potential.

Carlos Santana

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    The New York Yankees just recently said goodbye to their switch-hitting catcher and could be looking for their next one.  Carlos Santana can be that guy.

    Russell Martin has been great at the catching position.  His hitting skills might be subpar, but his defense and game calling skills have been invaluable to the Yankees.  He signed a one-year contract which means that the Yankees don't seem to envision him as their catcher of the future.

    Santana, on the other hand, has all the skills to be the Yankees's catcher.  He can hit for power and his contact numbers should go up with experience in the big leagues, but don't expect him to be a .300 hitter any time soon.  Santana can also play behind the plate fairly well and be that combination of defense and power the Yankees lacked with Posada.

    This is a trade the Yankees would make down the road once Santana and Betances prove themselves.  Santana only has 201 games under his belt and despite his potential, I'm sure the Yankees would like to seem some repetition of his 2011 numbers.

Matt Wieters

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    Matt Wieters finally started showing that he can become that player the Baltimore Orioles organization envisioned when they drafted him and called him up.  While he might not be the savior the Orioles thought he'd be, he's still in line to be one of the top tier catchers of the game.

    Like Carlos Santana, Wieters gives the New York Yankees that combination of offense and defense at the catching position.  Wieters appears to be a better fielder than Santana and a better contact hitter.  He also has more experience at the big leagues.

    The Orioles aren't going to give Wieters up that easily.  Dellin Betances is a good start, but the Yankees will likely need to build a package around him.

    The Orioles need pitching, just look at their rotation.  Their best pitching prospects aren't exactly major league ready, neither is Betances, but Betances could end up having more potential than those guys.

    It'll be an interesting offer to make the Orioles at the very least.

Troy Tulowitzki

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    Can't do much better than this guy for Derek Jeter's replacement.

    Troy Tulowitzki is one of the best shortstops in the game.  He can hit for average, power, he's a great fielder, and he showed some flashes of having speed.  He did steal 20 base in 2009 after all.

    Tulowitzki even idolized Jeter growing up.

    The Colorado Rockies would likely want more than just Dellin Betances in exchange for Tulowitzki.  Betances headlining a package of prospects should be enough to bring Tulowitzki to the Bronx.

    His presence on and off the field is probably what makes him such an interesting option.  Tulowitzki has the traits of a leader.  He's been the face of the Rockies franchise for a while and all of that could transition well if he moves to the Bronx.

    The Rockies aren't in any position to win anytime soon.  They should be looking into retooling and rebuilding their team.  Tulowitzki would get them the best package of prospects.  The Yankees need a shortstop of the future.  Seems like a match to me.