Kevin Keegan: Newcastle United's Approach All About Attitude

Eddy ShearyadiCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2008

For some of the oldest members of the Toon Army, the memory of Howay Five-Oh! will still remains fresh.

But as time goes by and the kids of the '90s become adults, such memories have faded.

However, the visit of Manchester United offers the opportunity for King Kev's current boys to regain their side's former glory.

The meeting between the two Uniteds should be an epic battle between what once were England's two principal footballing powers—but one of those sides enters this evening fixture in vastly altered circumstances.

On the Friday's pre-match Press Conference, Kevin Keegan laughed off questions about the prospect of a repeat scoreline. Keegan said since the other Manchester club has shown recently that the Red Devils can be beaten, Newcastle fans may have something to cheer about today's game.

"It's an opportunity and that's the way we must look at it." Keegan said, "They have a big strong squad they have plenty of players for the game. We know what they are capable of but I am more concerned with us, our attitude, and how we approach the game."

"Man City showed if you press them and get in their faces, they aren't infallible. We have been working on the things we need to do better. We have got players who can hurt them like they can hurt us."

Keegan also said that winning any Premiership match is dependent on a lot of things, and he urged hisplayers to put forth a performance like they produced against Arsenal at home. It wasn't merely the final result of that match that was impressive—it was the way the Magpie players showed that it mattered.

 "Sometimes it's a good tackle, or someone showing commitment beyond the call of duty such as putting their head where other people wouldn't put their boot. It's not always about goals at SJP. In particular, it's about commitment." Keegan said as quoted from the Telegraph.

"That's the very minimum requirement we need against Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and all the teams who are where we want to be. If you don't do that you might, as well giver them the points."

And as I said here a couple of days ago, I don't want to see the entertainers showing up on the field against Manchester United today. I want to see the team playing as a unit, attacking with confidence, and scoring goals. Maybe today will be the day where the Cavaliers come back to Toon!