Maryland Football: Edsall Blocks O'Brien from Transferring to Vanderbilt

Blake SilversAnalyst IIIFebruary 16, 2012

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In the latest development from College Park, Maryland's "transfer-palooza," it seems that Randy Edsall has no interest in helping out former Terps offensive coordinator, James Franklin's efforts at Vanderbilt.  

The Washington Post is reporting that a stipulation in quarterback Danny O'Brien's transfer from Maryland, which was recently granted by Coach Randy Edsall, is that he may not rejoin the coordinator he once flourished under.  

James Franklin, who jumped from College Park to Nashville last season to take over at Vandy, had a bit more of a successful first season at his new school than Edsall did. Under Franklin, O'Brien saw much success, winning the ACC's Rookie of the Year award, and making a name for himself among up-and-comers in the conference.

O'Brien, who will graduate from Maryland in spring, still has the option to attend Vanderbilt University as a student, but would not be allowed, under NCAA rules, to join the football program due to Edsall's wishes, according to the release. 

The quarterback has not stated publicly that he wishes to jump to the Commodores, and has yet to openly name any particular locations of interest.  


Stats under James Franklin (2010): 2,438 yards, 22 touchdowns, 8 interceptions

Stats under Randy Edsall (2011): 1,648 yards, 7 touchdowns, 10 interceptions