TCU Football: Four Football Players Among 17 Suspects Arrested for Drugs

Blake SilversAnalyst IIIFebruary 15, 2012

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Frank Heinz, via, reports that an on-campus drug bust conducted by the Fort Worth police has apparently netted 17 students as suspects, including four TCU football players, according to TCU police chief Steve McGee.  

These arrests are a result of an early morning drug raid conducted on the TCU campus after a six-month investigation.  

"There is no doubt, all of those arrested today are drug dealers. These individuals engaged in hand-to-hand delivery, for money, with undercover narcotics agents. We will continue to work proactively to curtail drug use on the TCU campus," said Chief McGee during a press conference Wednesday morning.  He continued, "This shows that TCU students, staff and the community will not tolerate this kind of behavior on the TCU campus."

In a morning letter to his student body early Wednesday, TCU's Chancellor, Victor Boschini, said, "We have a responsibility to ensure that our campus environment is free of such behavior. Today's actions highlight that responsibility. The students involved were immediately separated from TCU and criminally trespassed from campus. Further, according to University policy, students arrested and found in violation of distributing drugs are subject to immediate expulsion from TCU."

The investigation is ongoing, and may result in future arrests and expulsions, but how it effects the TCU football program, as it transitions into the the Big 12, is uncertain. What was supposed to be an exciting time for TCU will certainly be overshadowed, at least temporarily, as this story develops.