Power Ranking the Current UFC Flyweight Division

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistFebruary 15, 2012

Power Ranking the Current UFC Flyweight Division

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    The newest division in the UFC, the flyweight division, has yet to hold its first fight, but it is right around the corner.

    Before we kick off the four-man flyweight tournament in Australia, we take a look at the flyweights the UFC currently employs. Though it is only a few fighters, it already looks to be a very exciting, competitive division.

    A mixture of tenured flyweights and former bantamweights, the flyweight division will make its UFC debut March 3, 2012.

No. 8: Louis Gaudinot

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    A veteran of last season's The Ultimate Fighter, Louis Gaudinot competed as a bantamweight during his stint, despite fighting as a flyweight before the show.

    Gaudinot currently holds a 5-2 record, with his most notable victory coming by submission over Jessie Riggleman.

    Gaudinot went 1-1 on the show, defeating tough import Paul McVeigh, before succumbing to submission in the next round to Dustin Pague.

    He would go on to fight at the finale, dropping a TKO loss to Johnny Bedford. He was clearly the much smaller man.

    Upon the announcement of import of the flyweight division, Gaudinot has dropped to flyweight. His first fight will be against John Lineker at the UFC on FOX 3 event in May.

No. 7: John Lineker

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    John Lineker is a scrappy Brazilian who is dropping from the bantamweight division to the flyweight division for his first UFC fight.

    Lineker holds an impressive record of 19-5, fighting in such organizations as Shooto-Brazil and Jungle Fights. He is currently on a 13-fight win streak and has not lost since 2009.

    Lineker is a dangerous striker with pretty solid ground skills. He looks to be an excellent early addition to the flyweight division.

    He makes his UFC debut against the aforementioned Louis Gaudinot in May.

No. 6: Darren Uyenoyama

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    Talented grappler Darren Uyenoyama will be dropping from bantamweight to enter the waters of the flyweight division.

    Uyenoyama holds an overall record of 7-3 in his professional career. He is 1-0 in the UFC, defeating Kid Yamamoto in his debut last year.

    Uyenoyama has a great ground game, which utilizes passes and dominant position to control the fight. He has a sharp submission game, which should be of great use for him in what seems to be an already competitive division.

    Uyenoyama makes his flyweight debut in May at UFC on FOX 3 against John Dodson.

No. 5: John Dodson

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    The winner of The Ultimate Fighter last season as a bantamweight, John Dodson will return to his natural weight class of 125 pounds.

    Dodson holds a record of 12-5 and has never been finished in his career. In his latest outing, he blasted through TJ Dillashaw at The Ultimate Fighter Finale.

    His great stand-up skills, in combination with his quickness and takedown defense, make him a real threat in the flyweight division. He is very athletic and experienced, as well, which should add to his hype.

    He'll fight Darren Uyenoyama in May.

No. 4: Yasuhiro Urushitani

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    Yasuhiro Urushitani is the Shooto Bantamweight Champion, which is the equivalent of a flyweight champion.

    Skilled all around, Urushitani holds a professional record of 19-4-6. He has bested fighters such as John Dodson and Mamoru Yamaguchi in his tenure, which is a testament to how skilled he really is.

    Urushitani will participate in the inaugural flyweight tournament next month, taking on Joseph Benavidez in the semifinals.

No. 3: Demetrious Johnson

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    Demetrious Johnson looks like a toddler next Stefan Struve. Although that may be the case for most people, "Mighty Mouse" is making the right move by dropping to flyweight, as he is quite small.

    Johnson is a former bantamweight title challenger, dropping his latest bout by decision to Dominick Cruz.

    That said, Johnson holds an impressive 14-2 record, dropping bouts to only Cruz and Brad Pickett (early 2010). He holds notable victories over Miguel Torres and Kid Yamamoto.

    He will challenge Ian McCall in the inaugural flyweight tournament next month in Australia.

No. 2: Ian McCall

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    Considered by most to be the top flyweight in the world, McCall comes in at number two on this list.

    McCall is a WEC veteran who had a tough run fighting the likes of Dominick Cruz and Charlie Valencia. He has vastly improved since then, dropping a weight class since the WEC days.

    McCall is 11-2 in his career, holding notable flyweight victories over Jussier da Silva and Darrell Montague. McCall is very well rounded, holding a similar amount of knockout and submission victories.

    He will make his UFC debut in the flyweight tournament against Demetrious Johnson next month.

No. 1: Joseph Benavidez

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    As of now, the top flyweight going into the inaugural flyweight tournament is Joseph Benavidez.

    Benavidez's only two losses came to bantamweight king Dominick Cruz. They were close fights, but he is clearly a flyweight, not a bantamweight.

    Benavidez is 15-2, showing a great all-around game. He holds notable victories over Miguel Torres, Jeff Curran and Eddie Wineland.

    He trains at Team Alpha Male with the likes of Urijah Faber and Chad Mendes. He should be well trained and ready to go for his first appearance at 125.

    He will square off with Yasuhiro Urushitani next month in the semifinals of the flyweight tournament.