WWE Smackdown 2/17/12 Results: Spoilers for Elimination Chamber Go Home Show

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2012

With the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this Sunday, the World Heavyweight Championship match got a major change as Tuesday night Randy Orton was replaced from the match after suffering a concussion Monday on Raw SuperShow.

Instead of a Viper being a participant in the Smackdown Chamber match, there will now be a cobra in the match.

From ProWrestling.com:

  • SmackDown opens with Teddy Long and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan backstage. Security is guarding Teddy's office. Long is concerned about Randy Orton's condition and pulls him from the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.
  • Big Show and The Great Khali defeat Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.
  • Hunico defeated Ted DiBiase with the help of Camacho.
  • WWE Tag Team Champions Epico and Primo defeat The Usos.
  • Daniel Bryan beat Sheamus by DQ when Sheamus went crazy on Bryan. Bryan spit in Sheamus' face which caused him to go crazy. Sheamus pushed the referee which caused the DQ.
  • Jinder Mahal won a quick match over Ezekiel Jackson.
  • Tamina and Alicia Fox beat Natalya and Beth Phoenix. The referee gets distracted by Natalya's farting.
  • Santino Marella won a battle royal to replace Randy Orton in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber on Sunday. The match came down to David Otunga, Ezekiel Jackson, Drew McIntyre and Santino.

Even though I’m excited about the strong performances of Tamina in recent weeks, I’m very disappointed in the way the WWE is portraying Natalya’s farting segments on Smackdown the past few weeks.

If the WWE wants to have a credible Diva’s division, they need to drop this angle right now. It’s just plain ridiculous for a competitor talented as Natayla.

Oh, how I miss the days of Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria and others, when the division was great in the early part of the 2000s, compared to what we have in the WWE today.

Moving onto the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan has been disappointing the past few weeks, as the champ has only won his matches by disqualification or lost because he was counted-out during the match.

I know some will say that he’s a heel champion so he needs to keep getting heat from the fans, but there comes a point when the superstar needs to actually win a match because of his in-ring abilities.

After the head scratching inclusion of the Great Khali in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber, the addition of Santino Marella into the match is equally confusing as there were a list of people much better to add in place of Randy Orton.

What about Drew McIntyre or Jinder Mahal from Smackdown? Or how about bringing back the now healthy Alberto Del Rio?  

I would even argue adding Brodus Clay into the match over Santino.

Before, the Smackdown match at Elimination Chamber was on track to be the better Chamber match, but with the field weakened by the exclusion of Orton, Raw’s WWE Championship match will have the better show this Sunday.

So Bleachers, what do you think of Santino Marella being added to the Smackdown Elimination Chamber and which will be the best Chamber match this Sunday?


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