4 Ideal Trade Scenarios for the Denver Broncos This Offseason

Adam OdekirkContributor IIFebruary 15, 2012

4 Ideal Trade Scenarios for the Denver Broncos This Offseason

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    The NFL is a league unlike any other major ones, where MLB and NHL position players are dealt for one another on a regular basis. In fact, it is just the opposite, where, for a majority of the time, it is a player being exchanged for highly coveted draft picks that teams barter like gold.

    The Denver Broncos may be participants in that futures market this year, but it is tough to tell who or what might be involved if they do.

    The following scenarios are not set in stone or even guaranteed to materialize in the manner they are discussed, but they are all situations that have been discussed around the league.

    They are sure to polarize, but if the price is right, here are some players who could net big gains for the Broncos.

The Tim Tebow Trade

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    For Denver to part ways with Tim Tebow at this point, it would take a fairly sweet deal in order to do so, like something involving at least a first-round pick.

    The question is, who would pay such a steep price for a player that is still striving to live up to his own first-round draft status?

    Jacksonville seems a likely spot with new owner Shad Khan’s admitted man-crush on Tebow. The Jaguars are picking seventh overall in this year's draft and that is a spot that could net some great rewards for Denver in the way of a CB in waiting to take over for Champ Bailey.

    However, for the deal to be ideal for Denver, it would have to come with more picks because the furor caused by Tebow’s departure would create a massive PR headache, not to mention a void in the starting lineup at QB with players like Landry Jones and Matt Barkley forgoing the draft.

The D.J. Williams Trade

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    In order to get good back, you have to send good away, but the trick is always to part with the goods before they go sour.

    It’s a delicate line to walk, but a player like D.J. Williams could still net a draft pick as high as the third round potentially, but more likely it would be a fourth-rounder. Perhaps a team might be willing top part with a reliable fullback or wide receiver?

    Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles are always in the market for a linebacker to stabilize their defense, and they have already been linked last year to rumors about swapping with Denver for Williams.

    The time may be right for Denver to get value out of Williams and bring in more young talent to learn alongside new defensive coordinator (and former linebacker extraordinaire) Jack Del Rio.

The Knowshon Moreno Trade

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    His value is down right now (way down) as a result of poor judgement off the field and in terms of his vanity plates, but there may still be a team out there willing to take a chance on a player with minimal commitment since Moreno is a free agent at the conclusion of 2013 season, assuming a team is willing to absorb his cap hit.

    It's a long shot, but then again, these are supposed to be ideal trades for Denver, and unloading Moreno would be a good idea at this point.

The Champ Bailey Trade

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    It's hard to envision Champ in another jersey for the rest of his career, and in reality, the Broncos are probably not entertaining serious offers this offseason. But the opportunity has to at least be mentioned.

    Champ is still an elite-caliber corner in the NFL and a lot of teams on the verge of greatness could use the services of such a talented NFL player. Denver has made a large investment in Champ, but that doesn't mean that the right deal couldn't come along to free up cap space, bring in draft picks and allow Champ to pursue a Super Bowl.

    During the offseason, it is hard to see a team overpaying in draft picks to secure Bailey, but this could be a situation to revisit later in the season if there is a contending team with a strong need that may be willing to reach and give up a high draft pick.

    For Denver to actually move Champ this offseason, it would likely take a first-round pick this year or next and possibly a position player who is ready to start.