WWE Opinion: Love Triangle in John Cena-Kane Feud Is Unnecessary and Confusing

Michael DesjardinsCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2012

Note: To anyone who hasn't watched this past Mondays' RAW, this is a spoiler.


Now, personally, I think the whole "Embrace the Hate" angle has been rather interesting. I like the fact that the company is hinting at a possible heel turn for John Cena (though whether or not this actually happens is anyone's guess) and I like that Kane has been the one that has been pushing him towards that.

Zack Ryder, has also done a good job as being the catalyst in all of this. As Cena's friend, the audience feels sympathetic towards him as he gets mercilessly beaten down by the Big Red Machine.

However, that has started to change. For the past few weeks, the WWE writing team has thrown Eve Torres into the mix.

This past Monday, Eve was kidnapped by Kane, only for Cena to save the day and rescue her. As a result, Eve passionately kissed him, only for Ryder to witness it.

Later, as Cena addressed the crowd, Ryder comes down to the ring, and confronts him with a slap. He attempts a second time, only for Cena to stop him, and have him fall to the mat.

Then, Kane appears, and congratulates him for "embracing the hate" by stealing Eve. When Cena's back was turned, he pushed the wheelchair-bound Ryder off the stage.

Really, WWE writers? Now we're making Eve the focal point in this whole mess?

Now I'm not saying that love triangles in wrestling don't work. It worked with the Mega Powers and Miss Elizabeth. It worked with Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita. It worked with Christian, Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus.

But this is just one confusing mess. And none of this was necessary!

We could of just had Kane target Zack Ryder for being Cena's friend, for being one of those fan favorites, for being one of those underdogs that the fans all cheer for. That's fine, that would have been perfect.

Instead, we have Eve Torres (who, by the way, is not only bland, she cannot act) in the picture and ruin what was an otherwise decent feud.

In addition, where are they going with this now? Is Cena going to turn heel for "embracing the hate." Is Ryder going to turn heel because Eve kissed Cena? Is Eve's character going to develop Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with Kane?

Where the heck are we?!

And in the end, does anything in this whole love triangle going to matter? Cena's facing The Rock in a month and a half. Ryder can't even wrestle at the moment. Who knows what happens to Kane when this feud is done. And Eve, well... how many of us care about her character, anyway?