Beanpot 2012: Incredible Championship Game Just The Beginning For Garrett Noonan

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2012

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There have been plenty of future NHL stars to emerge from the Beanpot Tournament, and it will be no different in 2012.

In last night’s 3-2 overtime win for Boston College over Boston University, there was little question that the Terriers’ Garrett Noonan was the best player on the ice.

Despite the loss, he scored both goals for the team—not bad, considering he’s a defensemen. The biggest compliment you can give Noonan when he’s not scoring goals is that you don’t typically notice him when he’s on the ice. The 21-year-old is extremely smart for his age and very effective at keeping the puck in front of him.

As you can see by his Beanpot Final numbers, he has the extra dimension of being able to score as well. Despite playing one of the best games of his life on the biggest stage, Noonan seemed to be incredibly grounded when talking about his performance after the game (per

"It feels alright. It’s pretty good, but obviously I wish the result was different."

Noonan was drafted by the Nashville Predators in the fourth round of last year’s Entry draft and should be getting the fans in Tennessee fired up. He is a classic two-way player that has the talent to be a star in the NHL.

He can score, is a terrific passer and continues to play top notch defense.

His team may have fallen short in the Beanpot Finals, but they wouldn’t have been close without Noonan.

The Norfolk, Massachusetts native looks like just the latest player to come from the region and make a mark in the world of hockey.