Tim Tebow and Katy Perry: Latest on NFL's Hottest Offseason Rumor

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2012

Photo Credit: Fanpop.com
Photo Credit: Fanpop.com

Tim Tebow continues to wait for the right woman at the right time, but that doesn't stop every woman in the world from lining up for her shot at America's favorite quarterback. The latest is Katy Perry and a juicy rumor that may have some adorable legs. 

The new hotness in the form of Tebow love interests is pop singer Katy Perry. NBC Sports has a breakdown of the two and reports on some recent flirting Perry that tried to throw out into the Super Bowl. 

It seems that Perry first dedicated a song to Tebow at a Super Bowl concert. A People magazine report says that Perry made no reference to her former husband Russell Brand, but she did state the following before playing her song "Peacock": "This one goes out to Tim Tebow."

The NBC Sports report states that Perry then gave another shout-out during the NFL Honors show on Saturday, saying, "Hey Tim, my parents say hi."

This is important because Perry’s parents are ministers, just like Tebow's. It doesn't hurt to appeal to the man's affinity for all things family and religion. I hear that he may put some importance on such things.

Then we come to the last piece of evidence that something may be going down between the two. The E! Network reported via its website that Perry's Super Bowl suite was right next to Tebow's.  

So, what gives? I mean, it would be nice to have a straight answer from Tebow...oh, I guess we do. 

The Washington Post reports Tebow was knee-deep in good deeds at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in south Los Angeles and was asked about his relationship with Perry. He answered, "No, me and Katy Perry don’t have a thing, but she’s a very good artist."

When asked about his Valentine's Day plans, he said, "I’m single...but I’m doing just fine though. I’ll just be around my brothers and friends. We’ll just have a good time."

This concludes the portion of the article where I hide my frustration.

The man is the most highly coveted male in the world. There is not one woman who doesn't want to get down with the good boy from the Broncos. I can only shake my head and say good for you, Tebow. 

It's not often that you find a man that is willing to do what he holds valuable in life. I just wish I didn't have to see the quality of women that he continues to knock out of the way with his charming smile. 

While millions of singles will be miserable tonight, Tebow will be all smiles.