WWE Raw: Watch Last Night's Confrontation Between Shawn Michaels and Triple H

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2012

Even with the return of the Heartbreak Kid to the WWE last night on Raw SuperShow, Triple H would not budge from his stance of not taking up the offer of the Undertaker for WrestleMania.

The WWE Hall of Famer called out his friend to the ring so Michaels and the fans in San Diego could hear Triple H accept the challenge of the Undertaker for WrestleMania this year.

Just like last week, the Game declined the offer for the match at WrestleMania this April that left HBK puzzled and confused at who he was looking at in the ring.

Michaels proclaimed that Triple H was a corporate sellout after marrying Stephanie McMahon some years ago in addition to being a coward for not accepting the challenge.

With the responsibilities of the WWE weighing on him, Triple H revealed that the Undertaker is a brand that is good for the WWE and the Game ending the streak at WrestleMania would be bad for the WWE.

In response, Michaels said that he is at peace in his life after his retirement, but Triple H has no peace at this moment.

After HBK asked Triple H point-blank if he wants to end the streak of the Undertaker, the COO still gave the answer of "no" to the offer of a rematch this April.

After Shawn Michaels left the arena in disgust at his friend, the trademark gong of the Undertaker rang through the arena as Triple H was about to leave the ring.

In the eerie message from the Phenom, he said that he wanted vengeance for what happened at last year’s WrestleMania along with not wanting any pity from the COO.

The Undertaker said at the end of the message to give him immortality, as we could see the Phenom taking chunks of hair off his head with a straight razor.

While a little mixed at first at the thought of the Undertaker and Triple H for a third time at WrestleMania, the build for the match has been awesome the past few weeks on Raw.

With this likely being the last match of the Undertaker’s career, what match could the two legends of the WWE compete in this year after the No Holds Barred match last year?

In my past articles, I’ve seen a lot of people comment that the match should be a Hell in a Cell Match but with the event being at Sun Life Stadium, the idea will not be feasible this year.

The perfect match for WrestleMania would be a Last Man Standing match between the Undertaker and Triple H, as you could hear the Game yelling at Taker to stay down in their match last year.

No matter the type of match at WrestleMania, the WWE should not have Triple H end the streak by any means, as the undefeated mark of the Undertaker should remain as the biggest record in all of the WWE.

So, Bleachers, what did you think of the segment from last night’s Raw SuperShow? Has your mind changed about the idea of the Phenom and the Game locking up one more time this April?

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