Fantasy Baseball Boyfriend App: Valentine Genius or Mini-Game Named to Fail?

Gil ImberAnalyst IIFebruary 14, 2012

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Just in time for Valentine's Day 2012, husband-and-wife duo Missy Wedig and Frank Panko of A View from My Seat have come up with fantasy baseball fans' newest mini-game for the upcoming MLB season.

Named "Baseball Boyfriend," the app is more or less an extension of MLB's popular Beat the Streak game, in which participants choose one MLB player daily they believe will collect a base hit on that given day. As its name indicates, the goal of Beat the Streak is to maintain a fantasy hitting streak long enough to match and surpass Joe DiMaggio's MLB-record 56-game streak.

In Baseball Boyfriend (BBBF), participants similarly choose one MLB player at a time, and all statistics that player compiles for the day contribute to the scoring of points. The owner who scores the most points by season's end is declared the winner.

As in Beat the Streak, BBBF owners may dump and draft boyfriends once daily.

When the app's name and label of "boyfriend" is removed, the mini-game's concept isn't all that bad: Pick a pony, trade as other players go on hot streaks or one's current player starts to cool and try to build an MVP-caliber season using Matt Kemp's stats on April 4, Prince Fielder's on April 5, Albert Pujols' on the sixth and so forth.

Unfortunately, many prospective fantasy players will be turned off immediately by the app's love-struck themed name, which conjures up thoughts of high school admirers, immature giggling and an overall feel that is anything but serious.

The app's graphics and price tag of $2.99 (for a mini-game!) on CBS Sports do nothing to further its cause amongst most established baseball enthusiasts.

Screenshot from the Baseball Boyfriend app,
Screenshot from the Baseball Boyfriend app,

Still, perhaps now is your opportunity to pounce and finally get that special someone involved in baseball and fantasy sports in general.

As much as BBBF's interface is a turn-off for serious sports personnel, it is an easy way to introduce baseball to a wholly underrepresented class.

As creator Wedig notes, the whole idea of BBBF came about when she and other female friends would casually watch the Phillies, each picking out a unique "boyfriend" to swoon over throughout the game.

As Wedig said, "It was just six girls watching baseball."

In time, Wedig and her friends began keeping track of their boyfriend's stats, ultimately comparing those figures to see who chose the "better" boyfriend—casually at first and more earnestly when "better" became too close to call.

In January, Wedig turned to her husband, a developer, and BBBF was born.

For her part, Wedig hopes the app will be successful with CBS Sports: "I think I've made quite a hard game and marketed it completely to girls."

Baseball Boyfriend is available from the CBS Sports App Central marketplace as a mini-game, meaning it requires users to possess a fantasy baseball commissioner, premium or free account.

As Panko cautions, "In order to play, you have to be playing in a regular league."

Happy Valentine's Day.