WWE: Triple H Ruins HBK Shawn Michael's Return to Raw

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IFebruary 13, 2012

With WrestleMania looming, it was time for Shawn Michaels to make an appearance back in the WWE ring.

It was apparent he would have an interest in the Triple H and Undertaker drama, but how would it play out?


What took place

HBK took to the center of the ring among chants from the crowd.

Michaels quickly pointed out his disappointment with Triple H's decision to not accept The Undertaker's challenge at WrestleMania.

HBK then introduces Triple H in hopes to hear him announce that he was willing to accept the match at WrestleMania.

With an embrace and a DX reference, The Game took to the microphone.

Triple H explained that he needed to end The Undertaker if he fought him, and he was no longer "that guy."

Michaels confronted Triple H with being a corporate sellout and becoming "one of them."

After HBK told Triple H that he was a coward, Triple H began to walk away, but was grabbed by Michaels. 

A staredown would ensue between the two in the ring before Triple H tried to leave the ring. Michaels successfully persuaded him to re-enter the ring.

Triple H referred to Undertaker as a brand that was good for business. Without The Undertaker anymore, it would be bad for Triple H in terms of business.

Triple H pleaded his case to Michaels and reasoned it with not wanting to end their era. He then went on to tell Michaels he would not take the match just to do what Michaels couldn't get done.

Michaels challenged Triple H to look him in the eye, and after The Game removed his jacket, he stood face-to-face with HBK and simply said "no."

With that, Michaels left the ring, once again to an arena full of "HBK" chants. As Michaels disappeared backstage, the lights went out and a video montage began playing. Footage of Triple H and the Undertaker was played.

And the saga continues.


What it means

I think the door is open for HBK, Triple H and The Undertaker to all participate in WrestleMania. The details will be established in the upcoming weeks, but it would seem peculiar that Michaels' confrontation with Triple H tonight is forgotten about.

I think it is inevitable that if The Undertaker receives the match that he wants, it will just be a matter of time before Triple H gives in.

I don't think we have seen the last of Michaels in this story either.

I think they are all on a collision course to a WrestleMania Triple Threat Match.