Detroit Red Wings: What Should Happen Before the Deadline

Zackary Landers@@ZackaryLanders Contributor IIIFebruary 14, 2012

Detroit Red Wings: What Should Happen Before the Deadline

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    Sitting atop the Central Division, the view is nice for the Red Wings, and this is the time of year that the eyes of Ken Holland are fixed on trades and contracts. 

    The Red Wings are in a comfortable spot cap-wise as well, with $6 million to work with. 

    Here's a how I'd look at a few of the rumblings:

Ales Hemsky

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    Detroit needs another forward to make the lineup truly dangerous, and Ales Hemsky should be on the list. 

    To say the least, Hemsky has been not playing his most enthusiastic hockey this season, but a move to Motown could change all of that. 

    The Red Wings are a club know for pushing players to new heights, and Hemsky could be a diamond in the rough. In spite of his somewhat injury prone nature, Hemsky would work well with the Red Wings bigger lines, who could take the heat off of him. 

    Hemsky will most likely be looked at by many teams,  but Detroit has an advantage due to current roster talent and current position in the standings. 

Keep Joey MacDonald

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    The situation in the crease in Detroit is not nearly as bad as most like to think. 

    Jimmy Howard broke his blocker index finger, not his right leg. 

    During his recovery period, fans have been losing sleep over who will be manning the net. These fears have been largely quelled during the last week, as Joey MacDonald has been great. 

    The best thing for the Red Wings to do is to keep Joey MacDonald in the net. He has been playing well, and the defense in front of him looks inspired. 

    The bottom line is that the money to buy a goalie at the last minute would be much better served elsewhere. The answer to the question of Howard's backup lies in Joey MacDonald. 

Ryan Smyth

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    Another big forward who people are choosing as a good fit for the Red Wings is Ryan Smyth.

    Smyth is a player who has flown under the radar for many clubs, because it is up to him if he wants to leave the Oilers

    If in fact he does decide to leave, the Red Wings would be a great spot for this veteran. He likes to make the play in front of the net, and get the kind of in-tight goals that the Red Wings thrive on. 

    Due to his senior status on the Oilers, and reputation as a leader, the Red Wings would be wise to place him on one of the younger lines if he is acquired. 

    Acquiring him may be the most difficult part. Detroit would have to throw him a pretty lucrative deal, because you may recall he cried on the podium the last time he left Edmonton. Detroit News 360 has reported that he is on the radar.

Travis Moen

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    Despite being off the ice since January 21st with an upper body injury, the Red Wings have been linked to Travis Moen within the last few weeks. 

    Moen is a gritty player who would be a great asset to the PK as well as one of the Red Wings bottom lines. 

    The likelihood of the trade would depend on a few factors, namely the competition by the San Jose Sharks and the status of his injury.

    While he would be a great, gritty, big player that would benefit the team, his injury may be enough to keep Ken Holland away. 

    The gamble would pay off if he recovers by playoff time. Montreal could deal him injured and get possibly less than he is worth, and the Wings would have him fresh for the playoffs. 

    Darren Dreger mentioned him as being possibly connected to the Red Wings.

    Either way, Detroit fans should not be surprised to hear his name surface again this week. 

Teemu Selanne

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    Teemu Selanne is a man in charge of his own destiny.

    Due to his no-trade clause, he decides if he stays in California or heads elsewhere. 

    With the Ducks sitting at 13th in the Western conference by nine points, playoff hopes are barely flickering in Anaheim.

    Despite this, Selanne has been quoted saying that he and his teammates still believe that they can make the playoffs. 

    Of all the players on this list, the Finnish Flash is possibly the best fit for the Red Wings. His speed, skill and friendship with Valtteri Filppula make him not only a fan favorite, but a player favorite as well. 

    Selanne would cost the Red Wings, and it would be a move that would have a serious impact on Red Wings prospects and current players alike. He is also aging, and would be coming into the NHL's oldest team. 

    Multiple sources have cited him as being at least somewhat interested in the Red Wings, including this one from

    In my opinion, Selanne is better off with the Ducks, and the Red Wings money is best served on a younger player who could contribute for years to come.