CFL 2012 Offseason: Alex Brink Signs New Contract with Bombers

Dorian McLeanContributor IIIFebruary 13, 2012

The news many fans in Winnipeg have been waiting for was finally announced today by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as quarterback Alex Brink has now officially signed a new contract.

With free agency just days away, Alex Brink was set on becoming a free agent if a deal was not put in place before the noon deadline.

This latest signing means that all three quarterbacks that were headed towards free agency have been re-signed.

Buck Pierce, Joey Elliot and Alex Brink will now join with fellow teammates, Justin Goltz and Brandon Summers this summer in camp.

Playing with very limited time in his rookie year with the Bombers, it wasn’t until last year that Alex Brink really showcased his talents to the club and the fans after some injuries plagued starter Buck Pierce.

Brink put up two starts and played in eight games last season, throwing for 140 passes, completing 89 of those along with five touchdowns to four interceptions for 1,023 yards.

At the same time, Brink was called upon in many of the short-yard situations, mostly goal line calls and rushed for 148 yards and six touchdowns.

However, at the end of the day this signing means that the Bombers will enter 2012 with the same quarterback crew from two years ago, with the addition of Justin Goltz and Brandon Summers last season.

That kind of continuity is rare when players are found with injuries or a desire to put up more playing time.

Entering the 2012 season, four teams will have question marks surrounding their starting quarterback position. However, for the Bombers, all three players are capable of driving the offense on any given night.