WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: 5 Reasons Why Randy Orton Will Be Eliminated First

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 13, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: 5 Reasons Why Randy Orton Will Be Eliminated First

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    Even though Randy Orton is a top draw for the WWE, he won't win the Elimination Chamber.

    In fact, he won't even make it through most of the match.

    It would  be easy to predict him eliminating Cody Rhodes or the obvious choice, the Great Kali. It just isn't going to happen.

    Orton is at a place where he is willing to help other people go over, and Smackdown is in a creative place where new wrestlers are being pushed to the top. Mixed in with the unpredictability of the Chamber, the WWE has an excuse for why he should be removed quickly.

    It would even help Orton's character and progression if he was to be eliminated first, and it would help Smackdown as a brand.

It Is Unexpected

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    Any kind of cage match should always leave the viewers gaping in awe at something.

    From the Hell in a Cell match with Mankind and the Undertaker to last year's Elimination Chamber spot with John Morrison jumping from the ceiling onto Sheamus, these matches should have fans raving by the end.

    The only difference between the two examples and events mentioned above is that Hell in a Cell is more about brutality, while Elimination Chamber has more of a shock element. That is because Hell in a Cell has two contestants, while there are multiple participants in a Chamber match.

    Everyone expects Orton to make it into the final few. It's expected.

    But if he is eliminated first, then it gives fans the intrigue of whatever may happen next.

The Current Major Angle Is Big Show-Daniel Bryan

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    Right now, the top story is how the Big Show and Daniel Bryan are feuding for the title. While Orton is a popular character, this is the top angle.

    Having Orton stay in the match will detract focus from the the two wrestlers who should be in the spotlight. Having the majority of the match without him will keep the focus squarely on the other competitors and the story.

    Both Bryan and Show need to be free of other established stars if they want to keep building the heat between the two of them.

    It may anger Orton fans, but it's necessary.

It Will Help Whoever Eliminates Him to Get over

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    Anyone who eliminates Orton will get a huge boost in the process. There is some fine print to this, as Kali isn't going to get any more established in the company and Big Show has reached his apex long ago.

    Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett could all benefit from this, though. Each man is a heel right now, and all are tricky and conniving. That is the perfect attitude to have in an Elimination Chamber match and the best way to sell any of those men as a cowardly heel.

    It doesn't need to be any of them, but it would build their stock as a character and help the company sell merchandise.

It Would Help Build Randy Orton

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    A character can't be built up if they don't face any shortcomings or opposition. If they always win, then the fans can't really hope for them to grow or get better.

    Orton was once at that point, but isn't any longer. He has lost some of the momentum his character has had in the past, and it is the best thing for him.

    He just couldn't do anything with a character that was always RKO'ing people in the ring and walking away with victories. If he loses at Elimination Chamber and in a quick manner, then it will give him more room to come back and get the fans behind him.

It Would Help Smackdown as a Brand

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    John Cena is the poster boy of RAW.

    CM Punk has been giving him some competition, but it is still Cena that pushes the needle in the end. For a long time, Orton did the same thing for Smackdown.

    But Smackdown has always had the ability to shake itself up that Raw lacks. It doesn't need the big-name wrestlers as much as the red brand does. While Orton might be the biggest name on there, the show has the ability to change itself and add new twists.

    Letting Orton lose the Elimination Chamber match quickly will put that into perspective and help their numbers grow in the end because it will send a message.

    This is the show where anything can happen.

    And that is good business.


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