5 WWE Superstars Who Could Challenge for the United States Championship

Colton Kokrda@kokrdaCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2012

5 WWE Superstars Who Could Challenge for the United States Championship

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    Since taking the United States Championship from Zack Ryder a few weeks ago, Jack Swagger has not had any real competition emerge for the title.

    In fact, the only matches he has had have been again John Cena, where we witnessed Cena let out some aggression.

    Here are some wrestlers that could be entered into a feud with Swagger for the title.

No. 5: Mason Ryan

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    There has been rumors going around the Internet world that Mason Ryan is due for a big push in the near future. With him on the Raw roster, there isn't much place for him to go, especially when he isn't WWE Champion material just yet.

    That's why he could be a good fit for the US Championship.

    Mason Ryan has the "look" that Vince and company love, and could be a pretty decent US Champion.

No. 4: David Otunga

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    Many may laugh at this, but I believe David Otunga would be a decent option for the US Championship.

    I could see Otunga gaining some power in the wrestling ring, and then using it to help back Laurinaitis in any potential conflict that may arise. He would have a lot more power if he were the US Champion.

    Not to mention, his ring skills really aren't that bad. He could do some great work and develop a great heel character as a champion.

No. 3: Brodus Clay

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    It's time for the United States Championship to get a little funky.

    Since his arrival on Monday Night Raw, Brodus Clay really hasn't faced any tough competition. He's faced jobber after jobber, winning in less than five minutes each time.

    It's time to give him a real test, and that would be none other than Jack Swagger.

    Put the title up for grabs and lets see Clay face some great competition week in and week out.

No. 2: R-Truth

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    Little Jimmy wants R-Truth to carry some gold.

    Since his return from the attack The Miz put on him, R-Truth has been carrying some strong momentum. While he isn't quite WWE Champion material yet, he deserves to be a champion of some sort.

    Not to mention, having his comedic humor as a champion would always be entertaining.

No. 1: Kofi Kingston

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    Quite possibly the most deserving person of the opportunity to face Jack Swagger for the US Championship is none other than Kofi Kingston.

    He was part of the duo Air Boom with Evan Bourne, however the team was essentially dismantled after Bourne violated the WWE's Wellness Policy for a second time.

    Since then, Kofi has not done a whole lot. He is in the Elimination Chamber match this upcoming PPV for the WWE title, but hasn't received anything else since then.

    Kofi is too good of an athlete and wrestler to not be in the spotlight more. This is his chance for that to happen.