Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Curious Case of Butch Davis

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 13, 2012

Look, if we stick Carolina for half his salary, we save $700k!
Look, if we stick Carolina for half his salary, we save $700k!

Shenanigans, pure shenanigans.

We've been hearing for nearly a week now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers MAY have hired former North Carolina head coach Butch Davis in some sort of covert capacity.

There are reports all over the place that Davis will have some top secret position on Greg Schiano's staff, with the intent of obviously trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the University of North Carolina, who has been paying Davis to do nothing—though they haven't been paying him to do nothing the way the Bucs have paid Jon Gruden to do nothing but spit all over the booth on Monday Night Football.

In the curious case of Davis, this involves perhaps three more annual payments from the Tarheels, supposedly in the amount of $690,000 per annum.

At this point, if Davis is going to be holed up in some back room at One Buc Place, well, that's simply pitiful.

This team simply needs to do the right thing and go public and make the guy the full-blown official defensive coordinator.

Right now, this smells bad. It smells bad enough that even NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should get involved and make this team do the right thing.

Basically, if Monte Kiffin was a $1.7 million defensive coordinator, then the Bucs need to pay Davis his full worth and let the North Carolina stipend/settlement/severance pay, or whatever you wish to call it, simply go away.

Davis would be better off. Which would you prefer? Making $690,000 for doing nothing or making $1.5 million as a real live defensive coordinator? OK, we realize a lot of us might take the former, but coaches coach, that's what they do.

This whole thing stinks of cheap.

Could it simply be that Mark Dominik and the Glazers can get away with paying Davis about $700 and letting Carolina stay on the hook for the rest, getting around that "coaching thing" by giving some ridiculous title to Davis like "defensive adviser" or "top secret probation adviser" or "special assistant to Mark Dominik and Joel Glazer" or "a coach who isn't really a coach but really is."

Whatever the case, it's bunk.

So as of today, the Buccaneers have an offensive coordinator, Mike Sullivan, but no defensive coordinator.

Or do they?