The Orbit of the Astros: To Infinity and Beyond

Heather StidhamCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2008

Call me crazy, but I like teams that seem to make every wrong decision in the book.


I’ve always believed that nothing worth achieving was ever accomplished through just a good idea.

Some of the best laid plans look stupid from outside the looking glass.

Last year was a complete disappointment for anybody who claims to be a Houston Astros fan. A poor record and mind-numbing games dragged the season on longer than even the most avid fan would have liked.

While, their were a few high points to the season, via Craig Biggio and Hunter Pence, most of the season was simply miserable.

However, make no doubt about it—next season will definitely be more exciting to watch.

Key moves in the off-season have found the Astros on pages that they haven’t graced in along time. SI and ESPN have had several Astros headlines on the front page of their news feed in the past few months.

You know what they say, “No press is bad press!”  

From an admission of guilt of one past player to a dramatic signing of another who is fighting to stay out of jail, Drayton McLane might just be the smartest owner in baseball.

Add in Michael Bourn, Kaz Matsui, Jose Valverde, Shawn Chacon and some young hotshots, and the Astros almost appear to be a good team.

I don’t know if the Astros will win this year, but they will definitely be exciting to watch.

Hunter Pence started the year by running through a sliding glass door, Tejada is trying to escape reporters in Kissimmee and Berkman is opening his mouth far too often, but you can’t make this stuff up.

The Astros might not be the Yankees, but they will fill the seats at Minute Maid Park. And I know that I can’t wait to sit in the stands.

Heck who knows—maybe Clemens will come back to his hometown team and then they can change their name from the Astros to the Asteroids—with Clemens and Tejada leading the charge.